Intel Unveils Altera as Stand-Alone FPGA Company


  • Intel’s launch of Altera as a stand-alone FPGA company signifies a strategic move to enhance its position in the semiconductor market.
  • Altera, led by Sandra Rivera and Shannon Poulin, prioritizes end-to-end FPGA solutions and AI accessibility.
  • The company aims to meet the growing demands of FPGA markets through innovative product offerings and software integration.

Intel, a leading American chipmaker, has announced the establishment of Altera as a separate entity focused on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. This move marks a significant development in the semiconductor industry, with Intel setting ambitious goals to outpace Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), its primary competitor, by 2025.

Altera: A new era for FPGAs

Altera, under the leadership of CEO Sandra Rivera and COO Shannon Poulin, is set to rejuvenate the FPGA market. FPGAs are versatile integrated circuits that can be reprogrammed by customers to meet specific requirements, making them crucial for a wide range of applications. Altera’s mission is to provide end-to-end FPGA solutions, foster accessible artificial intelligence (AI), drive software innovation, and ensure supply chain resilience.

Rivera highlighted the unique position Altera occupies in addressing the complex technological needs of today’s market, emphasizing the potential for programmable solutions and accessible AI to make a significant impact across various sectors. Altera aims to cater to the burgeoning demand in cloud computing, network infrastructure, and edge computing with an expanded product portfolio and a strategic roadmap designed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the FPGA market.

Intel’s ambitious roadmap

Intel’s decision to launch Altera as an independent entity comes at a time when the company is making strides to reclaim its status as the premier manufacturer of advanced semiconductor chips. Intel has set a goal to surpass TSMC by 2025, leveraging its Intel 18A manufacturing technology to produce the world’s fastest chips. The company plans to further extend its technological lead with the introduction of Intel 14A in 2026.

This ambitious plan was bolstered by the recent announcement that Microsoft has chosen Intel for chip manufacturing, a significant endorsement of Intel’s capabilities and potential in the competitive semiconductor industry.

Innovations and Product Line

Altera’s product offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various markets, including networking, communications infrastructure, and low-power embedded applications. The company has rolled out several innovative products:

  • Agilex 9, now in volume production, features the industry’s fastest data converters, making it ideal for high-bandwidth mixed-signal applications in radar and military-aerospace.
  • Agilex 7 F-series and I-series devices are designed for high-bandwidth computing applications, catering to sectors such as data centers, networking, and defense.
  • Agilex 5, infused with AI capabilities, targets embedded and edge applications, distinguishing itself as the only FPGA fabric with AI integration.
  • The forthcoming Agilex 3 series aims to provide low-power FPGA solutions for cloud computing, communications, and intelligent edge applications, addressing the need for low-complexity functions in these areas.

Intel’s launch of Altera as a standalone FPGA company represents a strategic move in the semiconductor industry, with significant implications for the future of technology and innovation. Altera’s focus on end-to-end FPGA solutions, AI, software innovation, and supply resilience positions it as a key player in addressing the evolving needs of the market. With Intel’s commitment to regaining its leadership in chip manufacturing and its plans to outpace TSMC, the semiconductor landscape is set for a dynamic shift in the coming years.

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