New AI System Aims to Eliminate Blurry Smartphone Photos


  • Prophesee’s Metavision Image Deblur technology promises to revolutionize smartphone photography.
  • The partnership with Qualcomm aims to integrate this advanced solution into Snapdragon-powered smartphones.
  • Metavision operates independently to detect and eliminate blur in real-time, offering users crisp, clear images of fast-moving subjects.

A groundbreaking technological marvel poised to transform Blurry Smartphone Photos has emerged, offering a solution to the perennial problem of blurry photos. Developed by Paris-based Prophesee in collaboration with Qualcomm, the revolutionary Metavision Image Deblur technology combines the power of AI and sophisticated processing to freeze action in a manner previously unattainable with existing smartphone capabilities.

Unveiling the innovation: Metavision image deblur technology

Prophesee’s Metavision Image Deblur technology represents a quantum leap in smartphone photography, addressing the longstanding challenge of capturing crisp images, particularly in dynamic or low-light environments. Unlike conventional approaches that rely solely on software-based image processing, Metavision operates through a unique blend of hardware and AI-driven algorithms, revolutionizing the way smartphones capture moments in time.

How AI Works: The science behind Blurry Smartphone Photos

At the heart of Metavision lies a sensor meticulously engineered to perceive and interpret pixel dynamics with unparalleled precision. Employing a proprietary “event-based” sensor, Metavision transcends the limitations of traditional smartphone cameras by focusing on the continuous evolution of pixels within a scene, irrespective of velocity. This innovative approach, underpinned by neural network-inspired design principles, enables Metavision to synchronize seamlessly with conventional RGB sensors, effectively eliminating blur in real-time.

Setting expectations: Integration challenges 

While the potential of Metavision is undeniable, its integration into mainstream smartphones presents logistical hurdles for manufacturers. As a standalone sensor, Metavision necessitates direct incorporation into smartphone hardware during the manufacturing process—a departure from conventional software updates. Moreover, optimizing Metavision for various camera modules requires meticulous calibration, posing additional challenges for smartphone brands seeking to harness its full potential.

Potential Benefits and Limitations

The integration of Metavision has the potential to significantly improve the quality of action photos taken on smartphones. It could enable users to capture sharp and clear images of moving subjects, even in challenging lighting conditions. However, there are limitations to consider.

Hardware Integration Required: Smartphone manufacturers need to physically integrate the Metavision sensor into their devices, meaning existing phones won’t be able to utilize this technology.

Selective Lens Application: It is unlikely that all lenses on a particular phone will be equipped with Metavision due to hardware and resolution constraints.

While Metavision’s initial focus lies in enhancing still image capture, ongoing research endeavors aim to extend its capabilities to video recording. Prophesee envisions leveraging Metavision’s unique insights into motion dynamics to upscale and enhance low-light footage, promising a paradigm shift in smartphone videography. With no exclusive agreements in place, the technology’s future dissemination remains open, poised to reshape the landscape of smartphone photography across diverse brands and models.

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