Insomniac Games suffers ransomware breach

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  • Insomniac Games have suffered a hack attack orchestrated by the Rhysida hacker group.
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Insomniac Games, renowned for titles like Spider-Man 2 and the Ratchet & Clank series, has recently fallen prey to a cyberattack orchestrated by the Rhysida hacker group, according to reports. Allegedly, the hackers are demanding a ransom from the platform, with the initial asking price set at 50 Bitcoin, equivalent to over $2 million.

Hackers demand $2 million from Insomniac Games

Sony, the parent company of Insomniac Games, is actively investigating the breach. In a statement to Eurogamer, Sony acknowledged the reports and emphasized that there is no reason to believe other Sony divisions have been impacted. This incident adds to a growing list of cyber threats targeting the gaming industry. The attackers claim to have gained access to a trove of sensitive information, including U.S. passport scans, and personal data from various W9 tax forms.

Other sensitive data include screenshots from Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine game, a Marvel superhero-based title. The compromised personal data is believed to pertain to current or former Insomniac Games employees who would have submitted details like social security numbers, addresses, and other identifying information on these forms. Rhysida hackers have reportedly set a one-week deadline for Insomniac Games to respond to their demands.

However, the alleged cyber attackers have already initiated an auction of the pilfered data, starting at 50 BTC. Their leak site urges potential buyers to bid on “exclusive, unique, and impressive data,” emphasizing that the sale is restricted to a single buyer with a no-reselling policy. This incident is not the first time the Rhysida group has made headlines. They have been blamed for hacking the British Library and breaching a hospital in the U.K., showcasing the breadth of their cyber activities beyond the gaming sector.

The broader threat in the gaming industry

Insomniac Games unveiled its Wolverine game in 2021, and this breach adds to a series of cyberattacks in the gaming industry. In 2022, Rockstar Games faced a similar situation when hackers leaked over 90 pieces of content related to the development of Grand Theft Auto 6. Legal consequences followed for a teenage hacker involved in the incident who faced charges of blackmail and fraud in the U.K. Sony itself has not been immune to cyber threats this year. In October, the company confirmed that hackers, identified as RansomedVC, allegedly compromised all of Sony’s computer systems.

These attackers declared their intent to sell the stolen data, potentially impacting over 62 million individuals, according to estimates from a cybersecurity firm. The extent of the impact of the Insomniac hack remains unknown at this time. These incidents underscore the persistent challenges faced by companies in securing their digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats. The gaming industry, in particular, has become a lucrative target for hackers seeking to exploit valuable intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data.

The frequency of such attacks highlights the pressing need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect both the gaming community and the organizations responsible for creating popular titles. As the investigation into the Insomniac Games cyberattack unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the evolving threat landscape and the collective responsibility to stay ahead of malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the integrity of digital ecosystems.

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