Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Introduce Multimodal AI Features in Early Access Preview


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  • Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses now offer a preview of their new AI features, allowing users to take photos and get AI assistance for fashion and more.
  • Users in the United States can access real-time information via Microsoft’s Bing without opting in, enhancing their knowledge through these smart glasses.
  • This update brings practical AI to smart eyewear, making it easier for users to interact with the world and receive personalized information.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is rolling out a significant update to its Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, introducing multimodal AI capabilities to enhance user experiences. 

This update allows users to harness the power of AI through the onboard camera, providing a shared reality experience with Meta AI. While these smart glasses lack a built-in display, their AI-driven features promise to offer practical solutions to everyday tasks.

Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses have taken a unique approach to wearable technology by incorporating a 12-megapixel camera that facilitates first-person captures. 

While other smart glasses often delve into mixed and augmented reality realms, these smart sunglasses prioritize practicality and user engagement.

The Early Access Preview: Users based in the United States can now opt in to the early access program via the Meta View app, available for both Android and iOS devices. This preview presents a groundbreaking development in the world of smart eyewear.

AI-enhanced contextual understanding

The key feature of this update is the integration of multimodal AI capabilities into the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. Unlike traditional AI tools that rely on text prompts for interpretation, multimodal AI can process information in various forms, enabling more accurate and contextualized results.

Unlocking Context: With the onboard camera, users can capture and share images of their surroundings with Meta AI, allowing it to gain a deeper understanding of the context. 

For instance, if a user is pondering what to wear with a specific clothing item, they can simply snap a photo of it. Meta AI can then identify the clothing item and provide tailored style suggestions, enhancing the user’s fashion choices.

Beyond Fashion: The potential applications are not limited to fashion advice. Users can also ask Meta AI to identify objects, provide information about locations, and even recognize landmarks. This multimodal approach enables a more intuitive and informative interaction with the world.

Access to real-time information with Microsoft’s Bing

In addition to the multimodal AI capabilities, Meta has collaborated with Microsoft’s Bing to provide users with access to real-time information. This partnership enhances the scope of Meta’s AI by offering up-to-date information on global events, web content, and more.

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