German police raid former NATO millitary bunker to bust dark web crime ring

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German police have raided a NATO bunker, which was inhabited by a crime ring that utilized cryptocurrencies. The shelter housed a data processing center hat the criminals used.

German police arrests individuals linked to crime ring utilizing crypto

German police confiscated over forty million dollars ($41M) in funds that were connected to dark websites. These funds were used in various illegal activities, including drug sales. The criminals arrested were allegedly operating these illegal marketplaces through the data center. Their location of operation was a former NATO military bunker located in Western Germany.

The main suspect in the raid is a fifty-nine (59) year-old man from a Dutch descent. The man had purchased the ownership of the bunker in the town of Traben-Trarbach. Authorities claim that the suspect was responsible for installing the heavy-duty data processing center. He made the center as secure as possible to “make it available to clients” that according to the police, was used for illegal purposes.

German police have arrested thirteen (13) individuals that have been listed as suspects for the investigations. Among them, seven individuals were arrested during the bunker raid.

The investigating team is saying that the criminals were hosting the “Wall Street Market.” Wall Street Market is one of the largest illegal online marketplaces. The marketplace handles illicit trades such as drug trade as well as the trade of hacking tools. Moreover, the platform handles illegal substance portals “Orange Chemicals” and “Cannabis Road.”

The crime ring has also been connected to the 2016 botnet attack on Deutsche Telekom. During the attack, over one million customer routers were knocked out.

Ahmad Asghar

Ahmad Asghar

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