French president wants blockchain penetration in the country


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Despite Europe being home to some of the most developed countries in the world the continent, it has had little interaction with cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole.

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to change that and calls upon farmers and other agricultural institutions to implement blockchain technology.

The president stated that he wants to bring the tech into Europe as it can help is supervising the supply chain. The president then added that blockchain is like the epitome of agricultural technology and help is observing each sector from raw material to packaging. He believed that the technology could help both the producer and the consumer equally and therefore must be utilized.

The president then addressed the need for Europe to unite in the face of global competition from China, Russia, and the United States. He stated that European countries should not compete among themselves and compete against non-European countries as “no farmer or consumer wants to be subjected to the diktat of non-European countries.”

Moreover, the President stated that “all farmers and decision-makers” should seize the opportunity in improving the conditions for Africa. This was the president’s biggest speech since the yellow vests protests.

Then the president called the European Union to maintain the farming budget despite Britain’s exit. The president wanted Europe to provide the technology and the food to raise the bar in Africa and elsewhere.

Although the speech did not venture in much details about blockchain and its implementation, the administration plans on investing $700 in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

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