Ethereum block size increased in Ethereum 2.0

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An official from Ethereum Foundation, Danny Ryan disclosed details about the Ethereum blockchain‘s new design, including details about Ethereum block size. The new model has a target shard block size of 128 kBs.

Ethereum block size and speed increased several folds

It is unclear whether Ethereum 2.0 will be launched or not. Regardless, developers would share details regarding the new design every now and then. Danny Ryan is one such advocate of the Ethereum network. Danny recently updated the public about Ethereum’s work via a Twitter post.

Block size has always been a core necessity for a scalable blockchain. It has been the leading cause for several forks, including hard forks as well as soft forks. These forks include the infamous Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Classic as well as SegWit, among many others. Currently, Ethereum Block size varies depending on the activity of the network. Today one block has a size of 23.9 kB.

However, things will change with the integration of Ethereum 2.0 that has a target block size. The recent proposal shows that speed will be 128k instead of the planned 16k. This would increase speed, scalability, and introduce compatibility with a range of side-project scalability solutions. Recent tests on the current blockchain show that these could increase the 1MB/s capacity with high TPS (Transactions per second).

To ensure this speed, the shards will be crosslinked, making communication much simpler and would make the user interface much easier. However, the method would have to reduce the number of shards from 1024 to 64 with the shards reaching the former number in the next ten years.

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