ETH futures coming soon, says The Block 2020 Outlook survey

The Block 2020 Outlook survey reveals that ETH futures will likely launch this year. The crypto futures market is heating up as more coins now look towards the derivatives section for growth opportunities. As per the results of recently held the Block 2020 Outlook survey, participants are highly positive that ETH futures regulated by the CFTC will be a reality soon.

The survey featured 106 participants from the diverse crypto background. The survey included extensive questions like Bitcoin ETF approval, ETH futures etc. Data revealed that seventy-two participants voted affirmative that ETH futures will become a reality in 2020 and that too on a regulated exchange. This means that around sixty-seven percent (67.9%) of the participants are hopeful about the launch of an ETH derivative product this year.

ETH futures are eagerly awaited in the crypto sphere

‘The Block 2020 Outlook’ survey is conducted to get insights into the crypto industry. The annual survey sheds light on various facets of the crypto industry, blockchain developments, and investor insights. The recent trend of crypto derivatives points towards more such products being offered on regulated exchanges.

Recently, chairman of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Heath Tarbert, commented that the launch of ETH based futures contract is highly likely in 2020. Considering how BTC derivatives are performing prior to the upcoming halving event, it will be interesting to see how ETH futures will fair in this stagnant market.

In his interview with Bloomberg, Heath said that Bitcoin futures are available in both cash and physical settlement options. These products have performed exceptionally well and taken advantage of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies. Similarly, ETH futures will also follow a similar path and provide traders with much-needed liquidity. He went on to say that Ether futures will be a reality in the next twelve months.

Featured Image by Pixabay