Enjin gaming platform: Integrate blockchain-based gaming and non-gaming assets

Enjin gaming platform Integrate blockchain based gaming and non gaming assets

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Enjin, the company which has been working towards making blockchain easier for mass adoption, has come up with a game development platform. Launched on Ethereum, the Enjin gaming platform will allow game developers to integrate cryptocurrencies and other assets to the in-game environment without having the required knowledge of blockchain coding and programming.

Enjin announced the Enjin gaming platform via its blog which was titled ‘Enjin Platform: Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet’. Maxim Blagov, the CEO of Enjin revealed that the platform is to enable the game developers to integrate into all the games, new or even pre-existing.

The Enjin gaming platform: How does it work?

The Enjin gaming platform will run on Ethereum mainnet and will support its ERC-1155 token standard. Game developers can use it to combine the fungible and non-fungible goods into one entity. Not only this, currently there are almost 3000 different projects that have been initiated on the Enjin gaming platform test version. The Enjin blog read that if a person is capable of operating a smartphone, they can easily develop and combine fungible and non-fungible tokens using the platform.

Enjin introduced its Platform Web Panel in which a user can develop assets in four basic and straightforward manner, which involves the creation of the project, followed by linking the project to the user’s crypto-wallet. Then the user can easily create assets and finally start minting them.

The detailed description of the functioning of assets and the APIs and SDKs are clearly listed out on the blog which explains how these assets can be further funded, monetized and marketed in-game and outside the game.

Enjin is still working on making using blockchain technology easier is still working on new projects which will further help in the mass adoption of blockchain technology worldwide.   

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