DASH Price Analysis 15 May 2019: More bull ahead

DASH is one of the coins that display resilience in hack attacks. Although the system was recently hacked into with nearly 75000 coins being taken away, Dash still managed to rise above everybody’s expectations and sit at the price point we are viewing it right now.

Although, many say that Dash had a very unfair advantage against other cryptocurrencies. This is due to the fact that Dash is being used as pretty much the national currency in Venezuela and Colombia. Transactions there are made daily, and with quite large ones too. The population is dependant on foreign transfers of cryptocurrencies to survive local hyperinflations.

The bullish sentiment was thought to end at $160, but that price point is yet to be reached. Currently, the coin is enjoying a cozy $143 price point, which most of its users find acceptable. But there are still major advancements to come in the future.

DASH price chart 15 may

DASH chart by TradeView

The support levels are starting to form very fast. Last time when Dash was still struggling in between $140 and $130 price points, the most significant supporting prices were at $134, $132 and $136. Looking at the situation now it is clear that the same scenario is going to occur. Dash is going to form yet another set of supporting prices at $142, $144 and $146, once these prices have been surpassed, the road to $200 will be crystal clear.

All it takes that Bitcoin remains on the trajectory it is on now and does not sink alongside the others. Pretty much every coin is performing well these days and the bull keeps on being fed. Everybody believes that its a perfect moment to enter the market, and since everybody does so, the prices are going to react accordingly.

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