Dash network load forces new upgrade

The developers of Dash were recently forced to roll-out an unplanned upgrade to the blockchain in order to improve its security and P2P transactions transparency for the future.

The developers have mentioned that the Dash network recently experienced a huge surge of transactions and network load, which was not explainable by simple interest from the community.

The developers think that the network was either hit with a testing strike or a deliberate attack to snag some personal information.

Several sizeable players of the network were contacted to determine if any of them was trying to sell off their holdings. After it was discovered that this was not the case, developers then quickly looked to the mempool of the networks 17 MB and 46 MB.

These networks have since been cleaned and are operational, but the chaos that was discovered in them was not expected. Masternodes would constantly crash or fail to identify adjacent masternodes, therefore ending up banning them and etc.

Should the issue had continued for at least a few days, the “attackers” would have full access to the DASH network, and therefore access to millions of wallet addresses.

The new update, Dash Core v0.14.0.3 will focus on data space usage, and render any further similar attempts useless.