Cryptocurrency in China penetration 8% among college students

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Per a recent survey, cryptocurrency in China has a good start since the penetration among college students stand at around eight percent (8%) mark.

These Chinese college students have some of the cryptocurrency under their ownership, while over a quarter of them would prefer to be working in the blockchain industry after their graduation.

Whilst little over twenty-three percent (23.4%) college students acknowledged that they are not much aware of the blockchain. About nine percent (9%) of respondents stated that although they invested in the cryptoassets in the past, now they do not have any intentions of investing in the currency, due to the volatility of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency in China recognition

In the wake of Chinese preparation for a central bank digital currency respondents who were familiar with Bitcoin were two-third; little over thirty-one percent (31.6%) reported that they knew about Ethereum.

A little over four percent (4.2%) of the respondents admitted that they knew about very well about crypto. It appears that the college students were unfazed by the media reports on the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

While around forty percent (42%) of those who participated in the survey states that the media reports about the crypto industry do not have much of an impact.

Beside cryptocurrency in China, education about blockchain made a strong presence in this survey. Whilst educational institutions all across the world are establishing blockchain programs, a little over twenty-six percent (26.7%) of the respondents stated that they would be choosing the blockchain industry to work in after their graduation.

Students who were doing their majors in management studies, engineering and economics were more familiar with the crypto and showed more interest in the blockchain industry as compared to students who were majoring in other fields.

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