Blockchain for advertising to transform digital signage

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Blockchain and the digital ledger technology are creating new advent and blockchain for advertising is likely to do some wonders.

With the ever-changing technological advancement, now and then new technology is being introduced and promoted. The same is the case with the blockchain technology which is the decentralized ledger.

The thing with emerging technology is that every industry wants to have a piece of it and in blockchain’s case; it is evident that the technology is full of potential. However, not many people understand what blockchain technology really is about.

Blockchain for advertising

In principle, blockchain is a database that is decentralized and is governed by various actors. Blockchain is employed mostly with the cryptocurrencies as it records transactions precisely and securely with the danger of being tampered. Ultimately, as every computer in the network of blockchain would have access to the same record, thereby, every change that would be made would be visible to everybody.

The fact that the first-ever blockchain was created by the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, this tends to promote an understanding that blockchains are only related to cryptocurrencies, however; it has grown to various areas like identity management, smart-contracts, serving those who are financially underserved and cross-border payments.

As the potential of blockchain technology is recognized by many industries including digital signage advertising.

Blockchain for advertising can have an impact on digital signage in various ways. Firstly, it can verify impressions for the advertisements of digital signage. Such type of technology is employed with the firm VODXS.

Secondly, blockchain could also help in incentivizing the creator of content for DOOH campaigns. As the blockchain technology is expanding exponentially, so yet we cannot even comprehend to what extent the blockchain technology will be becoming part of our world.

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