Core Scientific opens gigantic mining facility for 2020

Core Scientific Opens Gigantic Mining Facility

Blockchain hosting provider Core Scientific has recently announced the opening of a new gigantic mining facility in Calvert City, Kentucky. The facility has reportedly the capacity of 125MW.

As one MW is enough for powering one thousand homes, so with the 125MW the facility could probably provide power to a whole city. Nonetheless, they are providing electricity to the miner, more specifically the GPUs, who mine on the blockchain of Ethereum.

This world-class blockchain facility with the purpose-designed infrastructure that is thermodynamically engineered to provide higher efficiency and management of temperature has deployed over 30 MW customer blockchain servers.

Core Change for gigantic mining facility

The Former Chief Technology Officer of Core Scientific Kristy Leigh Minehan was opposed to the idea of changing the Ethereum’s algorithm of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) known as the ProgPoW of which Minehan was the co-creator.

Core Scientific stated that the new gigantic mining facility in Calvert City being a high-density data center extends the Core Scientific’s footprint to over 250MW capacity all across the five data centers, along with the 400MW under the LOI.

This kind of capacity is more than enough for mining in a single facility, however; the blockchain hosting provider is planning to shift to Proof-of-stake (PoS) that would replace the miners with Ethereum holders. This move will likely take place in Q1 of 2020, however; the PoW would remain relevant for many years ahead. Mining farms of such extent would continue to dominate the network of Ethereum.

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