Coinbase advances in Singapore with USD SWIFT transfers


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  • Coinbase has introduced United States Dollar transfers in Singapore, enhancing the bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency.
  • Singapore’s Monetary Authority granted The exchange a Major Payment Institution license, marking a significant regulatory achievement.
  • Coinbase’s integration with Singapore’s Singpass system streamlines customer onboarding, indicating a strong commitment to local market compliance.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange listed on Nasdaq, is making significant strides in Singapore by introducing United States Dollar (USD) transfers for retail customers. By utilizing the SWIFT network, this feature allows users to transfer USD to and from their accounts seamlessly. This development is crucial in bridging the gap between fiat and crypto, particularly enhancing the accessibility of USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the USD.

The move aligns with Coinbase’s strategy to strengthen its position beyond the United States. Singapore, recognized as a vital hub for international expansion by Coinbase, has recently granted the exchange a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license, awarded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in October 2023. This regulatory milestone underscores Coinbase’s commitment to complying with local regulations and securing a foothold in key financial markets.

Regulatory environment and global expansion

The expansion in Singapore coincides with the country’s efforts to establish a comprehensive cryptocurrency framework. The Singaporean central bank is actively working on policies to curb speculation and minimise risks for retail investors in the crypto sector. Despite challenges posed by significant downturns in the industry, Singapore continues to be a prominent player in the global crypto landscape, competing with other major financial centres like Hong Kong and the UAE.

Coinbase’s integration with Singpass, Singapore’s digital identity system, earlier in 2023 marked a significant step in streamlining customer onboarding. Furthermore, the Coinbase International Exchange announcement represents a strategic move in the company’s global expansion plans. This international platform offers a refined trading experience, especially for perpetual futures traders, and provides a reliable non-US spot exchange for a global audience.

In the third quarter of 2023, Coinbase reported substantial institutional engagement, with over 100 institutions onboarded and a trading volume of approximately $10 billion in perpetual futures. The introduction of perpetual futures to qualified retail users on its Coinbase Advanced platform in October 2023 further exemplifies its commitment to broadening its offerings and customer base.

Coinbase balances US tensions with Singapore growth

Despite these advancements, Coinbase faces regulatory challenges in the United States. Following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) rejection of its request for cryptocurrency rulemaking on December 15, Coinbase filed an appeal against the decision. This move reflects the ongoing tension between crypto exchanges and regulatory bodies in the U.S. and highlights the complexities of navigating the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations.

Coinbase’s proactive approach to securing regulatory compliance in Singapore contrasted with its ongoing dispute with the SEC in the U.S., demonstrates the varying regulatory climates across different jurisdictions. As the crypto market matures, exchanges like Coinbase will likely encounter diverse regulatory challenges and opportunities as they expand globally.

Coinbase’s latest developments in Singapore represent a strategic effort to solidify its presence in Asia and globally. Coinbase is poised to enhance its service offerings and attract a broader customer base by offering USD transfers and adhering to regulatory standards. However, the exchange must continue navigating complex and evolving regulatory environments across different markets, balancing expansion with compliance.

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