Iron Lung Developer Encourages Piracy Amidst Price Controversy

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  • Developer David Szymanski tells gamers to pirate “Iron Lung” due to price increase backlash.
  • Szymanski believes his game is worth $8 and makes games for profit.
  • YouTuber Markiplier’s movie adaptation highlights the influence of gaming.


In a surprising turn of events, David Szymanski, the sole developer behind the 2022 submarine horror game “Iron Lung,” has stirred up controversy by encouraging players to pirate his game. 

This unusual stance comes as a response to backlash from some players after the game’s price recently increased by $2 on the Steam platform.

Price spike sparks criticism

“Iron Lung,” a short but acclaimed title from the mind behind games like “Dusk” and “Moon Silver,” initially cost $6 (£4.73) on Steam. 

However, the game’s price hike led to discontent among a section of the player community, who questioned Szymanski’s decision.

Szymanski has stood firm on his decision, asserting that the price increase was justified. He took to Twitter to address the criticism, stating, “Iron Lung’s price went up because the game is worth $8, so I want to charge $8 because I want to earn more money.” 

He also emphasized that if players disagreed with this pricing, he didn’t want their money and suggested they pirate the game instead.

Unapologetic approach

The developer responded to accusations of pursuing profits, saying, “Yes, no f**king shit, I make games for a living. If I didn’t want to earn money from them, I wouldn’t charge money for them.” 

He defended his straightforward business model, highlighting that he creates products he believes are worth the asking price.

Szymanski acknowledged that players have the freedom to decide whether to support his pricing or not. 

He suggested alternatives, including waiting for a sale or pursuing alternative means to obtain the game for free. He even welcomed feedback on pricing adjustments for future releases.

Szymanski declared that this would be his final statement regarding the price change for “Iron Lung.” He intended to avoid post-release price adjustments in the future, hoping that this controversy would not resurface.

Markiplier’s involvement

It’s worth noting that YouTuber Markiplier, known for his influential role in the gaming community, played a significant part in popularizing “Iron Lung.” His full playthrough of the game last year helped it gain recognition.

Furthermore, Markiplier is currently directing a movie adaptation of “Iron Lung” and will be starring in it. This transition from gaming to the silver screen underscores the growing influence of gaming content creators in the entertainment industry.

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