Coin Center proposes recommendations for crypto tax legislation

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  • Advocacy group Coin Center has proposed recommendations for the potential crypto tax legislation.
  • Addressing privacy concerns and reporting requirements in crypto transactions.

Cryptocurrency advocacy group Coin Center has presented a series of recommendations for potential legislation related to the taxation of digital assets to United States lawmakers. In a letter addressed to Senators Ron Wyden and Mike Crapo, Coin Center outlined key suggestions for consideration.

Coin Center proposes an exemption for crypto transactions

One of the proposals put forward by Coin Center is the establishment of a de minimis exemption for cryptocurrency transactions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This exemption would treat digital asset transactions similarly to purchases of foreign currency, potentially encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. In addition, Coin Center urged lawmakers to reconsider the application of U.S. tax law reporting requirements for second parties in digital asset transactions.

The group highlighted concerns over privacy and the burden placed on individuals who may be required to provide incomplete or non-existent information about senders of digital assets. Coin Center argued that this practice could be seen as unconstitutional under the Fourth and First Amendments. The advocacy group also recommended revising the IRS definition of a broker to explicitly exclude specific entities such as crypto miners and Lightning node operators.

By narrowing down the definition, Coin Center aimed to prevent unnecessary regulations on those who perform essential functions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Moreover, the group called for limitations on the IRS’s authority to issue a legal summons for alleged tax evaders, citing a previous case involving a subpoena to Coinbase. Another critical issue raised by Coin Center was the need for IRS guidance on block rewards, airdrops, and hard forks for tax purposes. These aspects of cryptocurrency transactions often lack clear regulations, leading to confusion among taxpayers.

Addressing privacy concerns and reporting requirements in crypto transactions

Coin Center’s suggestion aimed to provide greater clarity and certainty in these areas. Furthermore, the advocacy group highlighted the requirement for qualified appraisers when making certain donations in cryptocurrency. By suggesting that this requirement be waived in specific cases, Coin Center aimed to streamline the process of donating cryptocurrency while still adhering to tax regulations.

The recommendations from Coin Center come in response to a request from the U.S. Senate Financial Services Committee, which sought input on crypto tax guidance until September 8th. This call for suggestions reflects the ongoing efforts to address the tax gap, which represents the disparity between owed taxes and those paid to the government. As the cryptocurrency space continues to expand, addressing taxation issues has become a priority for legislators.

Despite attempts to tackle these issues, some legislation, including the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in November 2021, has faced criticism for its complex reporting requirements for retail investors. Critics argue that these requirements are impractical and difficult for everyday investors to adhere to. Coin Center’s recommendations to U.S. lawmakers seek to address various challenges associated with the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

The group’s proposals encompass a range of issues, from privacy concerns to regulatory clarity, to create a more balanced and effective approach to taxing digital assets. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, finding appropriate solutions to taxation challenges remains a critical task for lawmakers and advocates alike.

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