Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson critiques Bitcoin L2, sparks crypto debate


  • Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, expressed skepticism about the potential of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions in comparison to Ethereum and Cardano.
  • His comments came after discussions at the Satoshi Round Table in Dubai, emphasizing the debate on Bitcoin’s network adaptability.
  • He pointed to specific updates like BLS support in Cardano’s Plutus V3 and developments in the Mithril and Hydra projects as examples of technical evolution.

In a recent online exchange, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), expressed skepticism about the potential of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 (L2) solutions, especially when compared to the ecosystems of Ethereum and Cardano. His comments followed an update from Muneeb Ali, co-creator of the Stacks protocol, regarding discussions at the Satoshi Round Table in Dubai. Charles Hoskinson’s viewpoint underscores a growing debate within the cryptocurrency community about the adaptability and future of Bitcoin’s network architecture.

Charles Hoskinson sees Ethereum, Cardano outpacing Bitcoin

Charles Hoskinson argued that Bitcoin’s infrastructure lacks the flexibility to support the dynamic environment required for effective L2 solutions. He contrasted this with the continuous enhancements seen in the Ethereum and Cardano networks, which are designed to improve developers’ ability to deploy efficient, reliable, and secure L2 solutions. Specifically, he highlighted the ongoing integration of BLS support into Cardano’s Plutus V3 and updates to the Cardano Mithril and Hydra projects. These developments, he suggested, exemplify the kind of technical evolution that Bitcoin’s network is missing.

The Cardano founder’s critique extends to the broader approach to network upgrades and functionality enhancements. Ethereum and Cardano’s commitment to regular updates has fostered a vibrant community of L2 developers, a scenario Hoskinson believes Bitcoin is unlikely to replicate. According to him, the Bitcoin network’s inability to undergo similar upgrades creates a less conducive environment for L2 innovation and could lead to its ecosystem becoming stale.

Community and halving event perspectives

Hoskinson’s remarks have ignited discussions among the cryptocurrency community, especially on social platforms like X (formerly Twitter). Many users have come out in support of Bitcoin, arguing that the network’s foundational strengths negate the need for additional features or functionalities to support L2 solutions. This debate highlights the diverse perspectives within the crypto space regarding the direction and development priorities of leading blockchain networks.

Furthermore, Hoskinson linked the conversation about Bitcoin L2 solutions to the upcoming Bitcoin halving event scheduled for April. He suggested that the hype surrounding halving events often sparks renewed interest and speculative development in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including L2 solutions. This cyclical phenomenon, according to Hoskinson, has been observed in previous halving events and reflects a broader pattern of innovation and expectation management within the cryptocurrency industry.

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