Charles Hoskinson engages in Bitcoin ETF dialogue with Peter Schiff

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  • Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, and Peter Schiff, a Bitcoin critic, engage in a public debate over the implications of a potential spot Bitcoin ETF.
  • Peter Schiff warns of the possible negative impact of a Bitcoin ETF on the market, urging investors to manage risks and consider alternatives like Gold ETFs.
  • Diverse reactions emerge from the crypto community, with some criticizing Schiff’s consistent skepticism of cryptocurrency.


Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, and Peter Schiff, a well-known Bitcoin critic, have publicly voiced contrasting views on the matter. This debate is occurring against the backdrop of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considering the approval of such an ETF, which has significant implications for the cryptocurrency market.

Charles Hoskinson addresses Schiff’s Bitcoin ETF critique

Peter Schiff, a vocal skeptic of Bitcoin, recently warned crypto investors about the consequences of the much-anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF. Schiff believes that the speculation surrounding this potential product has been a major driver of Bitcoin’s price in recent years. He cautions that the launch of the ETFs could lead to a decline in price if the expected institutional demand does not materialize. Schiff’s stance, while critical, is focused on urging investors to manage their risk appropriately.

In response to his comments, crypto community members have expressed diverse opinions. Some, like Twitter user @BTCCronus, have criticized Schiff for his persistent skepticism towards cryptocurrency. Despite this, Schiff remains steadfast in his views, suggesting investors consider Gold ETFs instead. He argues that a Bitcoin ETF is unnecessary, as investors can buy and store Bitcoin directly.

The debate extends beyond Schiff’s comments, with other industry experts weighing in on the potential impact of a Bitcoin ETF. Bloomberg Analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart have suggested high approval odds for the ETF, though they acknowledge uncertainties that could lead the SEC to extend the decision deadline. Approximately 12 Bitcoin ETF applicants had met the SEC’s December 29, 2023, deadline to submit amendments to their filings, marking a critical phase in the regulatory process.

Gabor Gurbacs, a strategic advisor to Tether and VanEck, offers a different perspective. He opines that the industry might overestimate the short-term impact of a Bitcoin ETF while underestimating its long-term significance. Gurbacs predicts an initial inflow of about $100 million into the funds, but he expects their impact to grow significantly over time, drawing parallels with the historical performance of Gold.

The anticipation surrounding the ETF has contributed to a notable increase in Bitcoin’s price since the beginning of the year, reflecting the market’s optimism and speculative interest in this development.

Market anticipation and regulatory outlook

The cryptocurrency market is closely watching the SEC’s decision, which is expected to impact the digital asset investment landscape substantially. Approving a spot Bitcoin ETF would provide a regulated and potentially more accessible avenue for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin. This could attract a broader range of investors, including those currently hesitant to invest directly in cryptocurrencies.

The SEC’s decision is being awaited with optimism and caution. The regulatory body has a history of meticulously approaching cryptocurrency products, prioritizing investor protection and market stability. The outcome of this decision will likely set a precedent for future cryptocurrency-related products and influence the trajectory of the entire digital asset market.

The discussion around the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States encapsulates the diverse opinions and expectations within the cryptocurrency community. As industry leaders like Charles Hoskinson and Peter Schiff articulate their views, the market remains watchful of the SEC’s decision, which can significantly influence Bitcoin’s future and the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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