CHAIN2020 Hong Kong will witness 10,000 participants

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CHAIN2020 Hong Kong is expected to play host to ten thousand (10K) participants from across the globe. The conference is on its way to become the biggest blockchain educational event in the decade. The stage will be set for many important events that will shape the future of the blockchain realm.

CHAIN2020 Hong Kong is an educational conference that aims to enlighten individuals who wish to learn about blockchain and FinTech realm. The conference focuses on the South Asian region by allowing individuals in the region spark conversations about blockchain technology and the future of cryptocurrencies. The event is certainly important for local entrepreneurs and innovative startups who want to make their mark in the blockchain and virtual currency sector.

CHAIN2020 Hong Kong will be a game-changing event

Some of the brightest minds in the crypto realm are going to be attending CHAIN2020 Hong Kong event. The conference features more than thirty-five world-renowned speakers who will enlighten the audience with their blockchain and crypto knowledge.

Some of the names include Ben Goertzel, Elene Grigolia, and Jenny Yang. Ben Goertzel is CEO of SingularityNET, a firm that specialises in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Jenny Yang is founder of BockGlobe24.com and is a renowned name in the blockchain reporting arena. Elene Grigolia is part of the Georgia-World Bank NAPR project representative. Her speech will cover her experience about blockchain implementation in Georgia especially those relating to the land title registry.

Hong Kong blockchain foundation founder Jay Liang will also be present at the CHAIN2020 Hong Kong. VitJedlicka, a leading name in the blockchain industry will also be present. Interestingly, he founded Liberland; a country powered entirely by the blockchain technology. He will explain how governments in the future will support and implement cryptocurrency and decentralised policies. The founding member of the European Crypto Association, Kevin Murcko, will also be present at the event.

CHAIN2020 Hong Kong to cover important blockchain topics

The various panels will discuss the numerous issues that concern blockchain application in the private and government sector. The impact of cryptocurrencies on future government and states will also form part of the discussions. It will also feature discussions regarding artificial intelligence and FinTech trends.

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