Cardano founder halts showcases amid misinterpretations


  • Hoskinson clarifies Cardano’s project engagements as showcases, not endorsements
  • Concerns prompt temporary suspension for process improvements
  • Open showcases planned for direct community engagement with project teams

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently addressed the community regarding the showcasing of projects within the Cardano ecosystem. 

In a live broadcast from Colorado, he emphasized the need to clarify the purpose behind these engagements and announced a temporary suspension of such showcases.

Cardano’s commitment to development

During the live broadcast, Charles Hoskinson reiterated Cardano’s commitment to fostering development within its ecosystem. He highlighted the platform’s engagement with various projects, such as World Mobile, Axo, and Sunday Swap, some of which have received investments from the Cardano Foundation’s fund.

Hoskinson clarified that recent efforts to engage with projects through platforms like Twitter Spaces were aimed at showcasing the diversity of developments within the Cardano blockchain. He emphasized that these engagements were not endorsements but rather opportunities to spotlight innovative initiatives.

Responding to community concerns

Despite the intention to showcase projects, Hoskinson acknowledged concerns raised within the community. Cardano has been criticized for being perceived as a ‘ghost chain’ lacking active projects. 

Furthermore, there were concerns about potential misinterpretations of these engagements as wholesale endorsements of the showcased projects, including their economic models and founders’ behaviors.

Hoskinson addressed these concerns by highlighting Cardano’s role and responsibilities. He emphasized that Cardano is not an investigative agency and does not conduct audits of the showcased projects or evaluate their governance structures. Concerns regarding the conduct of founders and other aspects of projects were noted, prompting Hoskinson to take action.

Temporary suspension and plans for improvement

In response to recent issues surrounding a scheduled Twitter Space involving a Cardano project, Hoskinson announced a temporary suspension of such showcases. He expressed the need for more rigorous processes to ensure an open and objective representation of projects within the ecosystem.

The temporary suspension will allow for a reevaluation of the showcasing process and the implementation of higher production quality formats. Hoskinson emphasized the importance of baseline evaluations to provide a more transparent and informed perspective on showcased projects.

Moving forward: Debut of open showcases

Looking ahead, Charles Hoskinson intends to introduce open showcases where community members can directly engage with project teams. These showcases will provide a platform for community members to question project teams and address any concerns they may have.

Hoskinson’s commitment to transparency and accountability underscores Cardano’s dedication to fostering a thriving and responsible ecosystem. By temporarily suspending showcases and implementing improvements, Cardano aims to enhance the quality and reliability of its engagements with projects.

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