How AI is Revolutionizing The Entertainment Sector


  • Yango Play is a new entertainment hub with movies, music, and games, powered by AI.
  • The Arabic-speaking AI assistant Yasmina makes the Yango Play experience personalized and interactive.
  • The platform celebrates local talent and offers a diverse range of content for subscribers in the MENA region

Yango, a pioneer in merging global technologies with localized services, has introduced Yango Play, an innovative entertainment hub poised to revolutionize digital entertainment consumption. Combining video streaming, music, and interactive gaming, Yango Play emerges as the first AI-powered platform of its kind, offering a seamless blend of entertainment tailored to individual preferences and cultural sensibilities.

Yango Play debuts as a comprehensive entertainment destination, integrating exclusive premieres of Arabic and international movies and series, personalized music streaming, and interactive mini-games. Available across the KSA, UAE, and other GCC countries, the platform offers cross-platform accessibility, enabling subscribers to enjoy their favorite content seamlessly across smartphones and TVs.

At the heart of Yango Play lies Yasmina, an AI-based Arabic voice assistant designed to enhance the user experience. Fluent in Khaleeji and proficient in understanding major Arabic dialects, Yasmina interacts with users in both Arabic and English, offering personalized recommendations, answering inquiries, and guiding users through the platform’s myriad features. Whether suggesting music playlists or providing real-time information, Yasmina elevates the entertainment journey, making it more engaging and immersive.

Personalized music streaming

Central to Yango Play’s innovation is its AI-powered music streaming service, which crafts personalized playlists based on user preferences. Spotlighting regional talents and gems, the platform ensures that each user’s music experience is unique and reflective of their tastes. As the platform evolves, its recommendation technology will continue to adapt, ensuring a tailored and culturally resonant experience for every subscriber.

Yango Play underscores its commitment to authenticity by celebrating regional production studios and artists. Serving as a launchpad for local talent, the platform offers a diverse selection of original content that aligns with the cultural identity of its subscribers. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, Yango Play enriches the entertainment landscape by showcasing a wide array of content that resonates with audiences across the MENA region.

Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director at Yango Play, emphasizes the platform’s dedication to crafting a joyful entertainment experience. Shimansky highlights Yango Play’s use of AI to provide seamless and intuitive experiences tailored to individual preferences. With a focus on original content and strategic collaborations with regional creatives, Yango Play aims to enrich the digital entertainment landscape, offering subscribers vibrant new emotions with each choice on the platform.

An exciting lineup and future prospects

Yango Play has already secured titles like the acclaimed Arabic blockbuster ‘Mr. Ex’ and the sequel to the beloved classic ‘Awlad Harim Kareem.’ With a promising lineup of acquired and produced films and series, the platform is poised to unveil its full catalog in the near future. As Yango Play continues to evolve, subscribers can anticipate an expanding library of diverse content that caters to their evolving entertainment preferences.

Yango Play emerges as a groundbreaking platform that redefines digital entertainment consumption in the MENA region. With its diverse offerings, personalized experiences, and commitment to authenticity, Yango Play sets a new standard for entertainment accessibility and engagement in the digital age.

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