Why is Arthur Hayes beefing with Charles Hoskinson?

Why is Arthur Hayes beefing with Charles Hoskinson?


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  • ADA Whale calls out Arthur Hayes for negative comments on Cardano, comparing him to convicted fraudsters, and criticizes crypto media for giving such figures a platform.
  • Charles Hoskinson questions Hayes’ critique, leading to Hayes bluntly dismissing ADA’s value and suggesting Hoskinson should consider ETH instead.
  • Hayes challenges Cardano’s utility with a demand for examples of successful dApps or services, receiving no direct response from Hoskinson.

In the crypto community, disagreements are not uncommon, especially when they are happening on Twitter. Yesterday, as I was eating dinner and scrolling through the app, like all normal people do, I saw a tweet from the genius Charles Hoskinson that immediately caught my eye. Well not a tweet rather, it was a comment under a tweet.

ADA Whale, Cardano‘s pseudonymous influencer, made a tweet saying that he had just heard the legendary Arthur Hayes trash talking Cardano again. He blamed the crypto media for giving criminals like Hayes a platform, and even went as far as to liken him to Do Kwon and Sam Bankman-Fried. Hayes’ power, in ADA Whale’s opinion, reflects poorly on the cryptocurrency community’s ability to police itself and maintain ethical standards, describing the prevailing culture as detrimental and calling for better self-regulation. He then added:

Why is he a free man anyway? It’s like… let’s hear what BERNIE MADOFF thinks of the banking industry! Hi Bernie how have you been?

Funny guy, you gotta give him that. Charles Hoskinson saw the tweet and asked, curiously, “What did Arthur say?” ADA Whala quickly guided Charles to a YouTube video where Arthur called ADA a shitcoin. Charles saw that, but didn’t reply. Instead he made a tweet at Arthur directly asking why he is talking smack about, adding that he liked him. I think Charles was genuinely just confused.

Arthur, in his usual bold manner, replied to Charles saying that it is because the coin is a piece of sh*t. He added that “I like you too man regardless of the price of ADA. Just buy some ETH and chill.” I’m not gonna lie, that made me giggle a little. Charles, replied again, asking Arthur to specify exactly what it is he doesn’t like about Cardano. Arthur still has not answered the question.

Instead, he made a separate tweet to Cardano supporters, urging them to point out any decentralized applications that have been successfully launched on the Cardano platform or any services that heavily utilize Cardano’s technology. This led him to disparagingly label ADA as worthless, provocatively inviting Charles to correct his assumptions. Charles still has not replied to that either. But it is probably because he doesn’t have to.

So there you have it, people. Although I have to say; this article felt weird to write, because I love Charles and Arthur equally. They’re clearly two of the most intelligent people in the world. Nothing’s gonna change that.

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