Capcom Teases Street Fighter 6 DLC Character Akuma for 2024 Release


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  • Akuma was teased as Street Fighter 6 DLC for 2024.
  • Akuma’s aggressive playstyle in Street Fighter 6.
  • Classic Zanku Hadoken move will be available for custom characters soon.

Street Fighter fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Akuma as the next DLC character in Street Fighter 6. While his inclusion was announced in 2023, the exact release date had been shrouded in mystery, with Capcom merely stating that he would appear in “Spring 2024.” 

However, to kick off the new year, Capcom has given fans a further glimpse of the fearsome character, releasing a captivating image of Akuma on December 31 with the caption “Raging into 2024!”

The menacing presence of Akuma

The newly unveiled artwork showcases Akuma in all his formidable glory. The character, known for his distinct jacked physique and signature gi attire, looks more menacing than ever. His barefoot stance, a staple of his character design, remains unchanged, adding to his intimidating presence.

Akuma, originally inspired by an April Fools’ joke screenshot, debuted in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and has become one of the primary antagonists in the Street Fighter series. Known for his mastery of the Ansatsuken style of martial arts and his potential use of the Satsui no Hado, a dark technique that taps into one’s inner malevolence, Akuma promises to bring a unique and aggressive playstyle to the game.

In Street Fighter 6, Akuma’s gameplay is anticipated to reflect his aggressive nature, akin to a more intense version of Ryu and Ken, who also practice shotokan martial arts. Players can expect Akuma to be a high-risk, high-reward character, possessing tremendous offensive potential while potentially being vulnerable defensively. His massive frame, as depicted in the teaser image, will likely contrast with his agile and swift combat style.

Classic moves return

Fans of Akuma will be delighted to hear that his iconic Zanku Hadoken, or jumping Hadoken, will be available for players to incorporate into their custom characters. This move has historically been a fan-favorite for its effectiveness in versus play and its potential utility in the highly competitive World Tour mode.

Anticipating Akuma’s arrival

While the exact release date for Akuma in Street Fighter 6 remains uncertain, it is expected to occur in the first half of 2024, aligning with the promised “Spring 2024” window. As fans eagerly await his arrival, they can rest assured that the white-haired, demonic-looking fighter will soon be making a dramatic entrance into the world of Street Fighter 6.

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