Street Fighter 6 Faces Criticism Over Lack of Content


  • Street Fighter 6 faces criticism for not giving characters cool outfits, and players don’t like how they’re making money with ads and hidden costume payments.
  • Capcom didn’t say when new costumes are coming, and people wonder if DLC characters will get any.
  • Players hope Capcom will listen and fix the game to make it better for everyone.

Street Fighter 6, Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic fighting game franchise, enjoyed a blazing start, selling over 2 million copies in just over a month and receiving acclaim from both critics and hardcore gamers. However, the honeymoon period seems to be fading as a growing number of players voice their concerns over the game’s post-launch support. 

The Street Fighter 6 community has expressed a sense of disappointment regarding Capcom’s handling of the game’s post-launch content. One recurring complaint revolves around the lack of character skins and costumes, which players believe could have been a lucrative revenue stream for the game.

Neglecting character skins

While Street Fighter 6 offers substantial customization options, these primarily focus on player avatars that wander around the Battle Hub and World Tour. Character costumes, which many players eagerly anticipated, have been notably absent from the post-launch updates. 

Questionable monetization tactics

Players are also raising eyebrows at the monetization tactics employed by Capcom. Some of the customization options are gated behind a battle pass, and there are instances of in-game sponsorships with brands like Chipotle and Onitsuka Tiger. These elements have received mixed reactions from the player base, with some expressing discomfort about the commercialization of the game.

Unclear release schedule

Adding to the frustration is Capcom’s handling of costume releases. The recent announcement of a third costume for 18 roster characters lacked a specific release date, leaving players skeptical. This vagueness mirrors the previous costume 3 announcement made in August, which was followed by months of silence.

The absence of clarity extends to whether DLC characters released so far, like AKI and Rashid, will receive a third costume. The announcement only specified the base roster characters, leaving DLC character enthusiasts in the dark.

Hopes for improvement in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6’s post-launch content support has left a lot to be desired, according to the community. While the costume situation is the most visible issue, it represents a broader concern about Capcom’s commitment to the game and its player base. Players hope that Capcom will address these concerns and show the necessary care and attention that Street Fighter 6 and its community deserve.

Street Fighter 6’s phenomenal launch was followed by growing criticisms from its player base, primarily concerning the absence of character skins and costumes. Capcom’s monetization tactics and vague costume release announcements have contributed to player frustration. The community remains hopeful that Capcom will address these concerns and provide the game and its loyal player base with the support they deserve.

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