PlayStation 3 Continues to Thrive: Over 1.9 Million Players Still Active

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  • Thanks to its games and Blu-ray features, the 17-year-old PlayStation 3 still thrives with 1.9 million active players.
  • Gamers love its vast game collection and backward compatibility for nostalgia.
  • The PS3’s legacy defies time, staying relevant in gaming and entertainment.


The PlayStation 3, despite its 17-year history, remains a popular choice for gamers and movie enthusiasts, boasting a substantial user base that defies the passage of time. Recent data revealed in the wake of the Insomniac Games hack highlights the enduring appeal of this iconic console. 

While the hack itself is a cause for concern, the fact that the PS3 continues to thrive is a testament to its enduring legacy. With a library of timeless classics and its role in popularizing the Blu-ray format, the PS3 maintains a special place in the hearts of many.

1.9 million players and counting

According to data obtained from Insomniac Games, as of February 2023, a remarkable 1.9 million players were still actively using their PlayStation 3 consoles. While it is important to note that the figures may have evolved since then, this number underscores the console’s enduring relevance. 

Despite the advent of newer generations of PlayStation consoles, the PS3 continues to find favor among a substantial player base, defying the notion that gaming technology inevitably becomes obsolete.

One pivotal factor contributing to the PlayStation 3’s longevity is its extensive catalog of games. Unlike its successors, the PS4 and PS5, the PS3’s disc-based backward compatibility has remained unmatched. This means gamers with a treasure trove of PS3 titles still rely on their trusty old console to access and enjoy their cherished games. 

Although Sony has tried to bring some older titles to newer systems, these selections are limited and often require payment, which can be frustrating for those who already possess the game discs.

A nostalgic haven

For many, the PlayStation 3 serves as a nostalgic haven, offering a gateway to a bygone era of gaming excellence. Gamers who wish to revisit classics like Rock Band or Guitar Hero often find their PS3 consoles as the perfect platform to do so. 

Whether it’s a solo journey down memory lane or an entertaining gathering of friends for multiplayer sessions, the PS3’s enduring presence makes it an invaluable asset for gaming enthusiasts. 

In the United Kingdom, secondhand shops are replete with a treasure trove of PS3 games, often priced at a mere fraction of their original cost, making it an accessible and cost-effective way to experience gaming history.

The legacy of the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3’s remarkable longevity is a testament to its place in gaming history. Not only did it deliver countless memorable gaming experiences, but it also played a pivotal role in shaping the home entertainment landscape. By championing the Blu-ray format, it triumphed over the HDDVD option touted by its competitors. 

This enduring legacy is a nod to the console’s ability to cater to diverse interests, from gaming to movie playback, ensuring it remains a versatile addition to many home entertainment setups.
While newer consoles have come and gone, the PlayStation 3’s appeal endures. It continues to attract players and movie enthusiasts who appreciate its impressive library of games and its role in the evolution of home entertainment technology. As time progresses, the future of the PlayStation 3 remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: its legacy lives on.

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