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Buy These 3 Cryptocurrencies for the Long Haul

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It might turn out to be very tempting when you are checking out different kinds of meme coins in the market in the era of Cryptocurrency. What can you do in case you want a new and better investment in this field around in your pocket? Well, we can suggest three names which will help you in the long haul! You can choose the blockchain networks out of the three which are mentioned below. This will help you to enlarge your view of the world of cryptocurrency within the market!

Solana (SOL)

  • The Solana Blockchain system is a new market for investors who are stepping into the world of Cryptocurrency.
  • The transactions which are placed in the case of Solana are quite affordable.
  • The transactions which are taken up in the case of Ethereum are way more expensive and they take more time as well.
  • The disruptive products can be avoided almost completely in the case of the Solana Blockchain in the global market.
  • The smart contracts can be built up quite easily on Solana as well.
  • The USDC coins which are pegged to the US dollars because of their stable nature are related to the world of Solana as well.
  • The customers might be required to pay the platform through these coins and this poses no kind of threat to the financial institutions.
  • The charge of transaction in the case of MasterCard is between 2 to 3% which can be avoided easily with Solana.
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are found to be quite successful in the Solana platform as well.
  • This has helped to increase the world of decentralized finances and the projects can be funded quite easily.
  • It is not quite sure where the Solana Blockchain will end up.
  • In the end, the transaction costs are very low and the speed is quite high as well.
  • This has enhanced the popularity of Solana as well.


  • The market capital of Cardano has increased up to $67 billion over the last year and this has been considered to be one of the largest crypto networks all over the world.
  • The entire market is poising up for growth at the moment because the developers have paid their regular attention to this field over the last five years.
  • The potential of this programmable blockchain has not been explored yet completely which has made it a compelling opportunity.
  • Cardano is quite easily available when the developers want to build their decentralized applications.
  • This feature is absent in the case of Bitcoin.
  • The centralized intermediary is absent.
  • This has made it an admirable platform for exchanges of Cryptocurrencies and other kinds of digital art which is seeking recognition.
  • It is not quite clear whether the counterparts of this platform will be helpful for the investors who are dependent on the valuation of Cardano.
  • The transaction fees are included within the decentralized sector. It has helped to increase the sense of security and discoverability of the platform as well.
  • Cardano might not be the only place where you will be able to build blockchain technology.
  • The potential of this platform is growing quite rapidly and there are very few competitors other than Ethereum and Solana.


  • Ethereum has been one of the strongest contenders in the market which has a whopping market capital of $326 billion.
  • The network might have fallen behind because of the new blockchain systems which are present on the market.
  • The first-mover advantage is still in its pocket and this has led to the active development of ideas within the investors.
  • Ethereum was founded in the year 2015 and smart contracts are quite helpful for decentralized apps.
  • The exchange is designed such that the autonomous programs can sell their work to the right dealers as well.
  • The users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the market. Ethereum has turned out to be a very common name in the world of crypto.
  • Ethereum is working hard in order to create an update of Ethereum 2.0 this will have some consensus mechanisms where the miners will be able to solve their puzzles and verify their transactions.
  • The system will be much faster and there will be lesser consumption of electricity.


It will be tough to decide which crypto to invest in if you are not quite sure about the right platform to invest in. Make sure that you have the right information about each exchange and get your affairs in order before any kind of final investment! Also, you must know how you can hold your Bitcoin on Android Phone.

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