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These 10 New Digital Currencies Should Work for You in 2022

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Newer cryptos are always entering the global marketplace. Therefore, it is easy to become confused about what to pick for your digital currencies investment journey. Well, here are 10 of them, which should be great for 2022.

1. BNB

This coin has the backing of the well-known Binance company. It is one of the reasons that it has become so popular in recent years. People all over the world, trust it as a digital asset worth possessing. 

The Binance Coin went public in 2017. Since then, it has proved great for various use cases. For instance, the Binance Smart Chain offers transactional commissions. Even the exchange fees are lesser than before. 

Currently, this coin has gone beyond 10,000%.

2. Lucky Block

It ranks extremely high on the 2022 popularity chart. It is because it has so many features and actions to recommend it as a worthy investment. 

To illustrate, the digital currency is highly focused on the lottery industry. As you are aware, the lottery industry is an extremely big name in the industrial sector. However, it will be a little different in the virtual world. Lucky Block is aiming to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized, digital lottery system. Here, smart contracts will be the lottery tickets. This will enable –

  • Anyone to play, from any geographical location.
  • Everyone expect fair treatment.
  • Drawing to be done completely at random.
  • Immediate payment to winners.

3. Bitcoin

It was the first cryptocurrency to enter the virtual world. For over a decade now, it has held sway over other digital currencies. In other words, it put every other digital asset into the shade via its operations in the traditional financial marketplaces.

Experts value its market capitalization at almost $1trillion.

4. Decentraland 

It refers to a decentralized project. This project is the foundation for a 3D gaming world. 

What you can do with Decentraland in hand, is to purchase plots in the virtual world. NFTs are the representations of these plots. 

5. Ethereum

It is only next to Bitcoin, regarding market capitalization. Obviously, it has been faring well since Ethereum’s launch in 2015. 

A single ETH token will cost thousands of U.S. dollars. In recent years, Ethereum’s value has crossed 28,000%. The credit goes to its smart move of introducing smart contracts. This has lured enthusiasts from across the globe.

6. Cosmos

Cosmos is a digital asset. It boasts of a unique feature that other cryptocurrencies do not possess. It permits a couple or more blockchains to connect with one another. This has served to make it very attractive to investors, over the past year. 

7. XRP

It is trustworthy and highly useful to you as an investor. It allows international transactions amongst banks, without them having to utilize S.W.I.F.T.

S.W.I.F.T is a cooperative society in Belgium, it handles financial operations. It also deals with payments.

However, S.W.I.F.T uses plenty of red tape, is expensive, and slow in operations. XRP helps banks avoid all this, by offering itself as a bridge of liquidity for fiat currencies that are in competition with one another. As a result, transactions go through in seconds.

8. Solana

This cryptocurrency performed beautifully in 2021. Over the course of 12 months, it presented itself as an asset worth over 4,600%. Obviously, therefore, it has proved to have healthy market capitalization. 

However, its price seems to have dropped somewhat. Therefore, you should find it easy to purchase at a discounted rate.

9. Yearn.Finance

It is quite new in origin. However, you might still try it, for it operates on a decentralized network. 

You are welcome to purchase/sell your digital currencies on this platform, with no fears of security breaches.

10. Dash

Privacy is a crucial issue when tackling financial transactions in the virtual world. Fortunately, Dash permits everything to go on, anonymously. Therefore, you may receive or transfer funds, with ease. 

In comparison to the previous year, Dash tokens are worth 25% more in 2022. They should go up more in future, as more people become acquainted with it.  If you are a novice, just beginning your journey in the world of cryptocurrencies, you might begin with the

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