Ingenico-Pundi X partnership unlocks cryptocurrency transactions across globe

A global leader in seamless payment Ingenico has joined forces with crypto firm Pundi X to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions around the world.

Fast and efficient transactions, coupled with a high degree of anonymity, make cryptocurrency transactions an exciting proposition. Even then, cryptocurrencies continue to get overshadowed by their infamous reputation for facilitating scams and money laundering activities. As a result, secure and seamless transactions have become the need of the hour, and undeniably so, several crypto firms have started to bring out their A-game.

One of them is Singapore-based fintech firm Pundi X who has been at the forefront of boosting cryptocurrency adoption through futuristic payment devices that support real-life use cases. Earlier in August, Pundi X grabbed the spotlight by partnering with Venezuela’s largest departmental store, Traki, for offering cryptocurrency payment solutions to its customers.

Bringing cryptocurrency transactions to mainstream

On 12th November 2019, it struck a deal with French payment company Ingenico Group by successfully completing the integration of its XPOS software with the point-of-sale (POS) APOS A8 devices of Ingenico. Following the partnership, merchants around the world using Ingenico’s Android-based APOS A8 device will now be able to accept cryptocurrency payment methods and provide their customers with a safe and hassle-free transaction experience, based on blockchain technology.

Zac Cheah, co-founder, and CEO of Pundi X confirmed the news by saying that the firm is excited to be a part of one of the world’s largest payment solutions providers’ journey.

Ingenico’s APOS A8 Android payment device has a massive consumer base; thus, Pundi X is thrilled to benefit from its extensive network in some of the key markets. We are confident that unlocking worldwide cryptocurrency transactions will drive the adoption rate for both cryptocurrencies and their founding technology, blockchain, added Cheah.

Following the easy and straightforward installation process of the XPOS module on an Ingenico POS terminal, merchants around the world can start accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Binance Coin, NEM, among others. The POS device will instantly offer conversation rates between fiat and crypto at the retail outlets, enabling an uninterrupted, fast, and safe cryptocurrency transaction experience.

Ingenico drives cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption rates

Meanwhile, Marcus Low, Senior Vice President at Asia Pacific of Ingenico Group, said that the firm is continually looking for ways to improve the consumer experience through innovations. We believe that Pundi X’s use of blockchain in points-of-sales is truly innovative and a great way to introduce crypto to the mainstream, he asserted.

It is worth highlighting that Ingenico was involved in another large-scale strategic partnership in August, where it collaborated with Austria’s top telecom operator A1, enabling more than five million users with cryptocurrency payment methods at selected stores.

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