Blockchain Summit in South Korea will bring new investors

The Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) powered event, known as the Blockchain Investors Summit is all set to be staged in the state of South Korea on May 30, 2019. The event is expected to debate the accomplishments of Blockchain Investors Summit Singapore that was arranged last year.

The conference joined multiple startups with renowned investors universally aiding the startups in crafting their own achievements.

The aim of the expected Blockchain Investors Summit (SK) is to offer a flourishing stage for Blockchain startups & advocates present across the globe, to meet and discover apropos collaborations.

Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) is expected to link up around 250 attendees, 25 renowned shareholders, more than 30 blockchain lecturers, and 30+ blockchain ventures.

Previously, few shareholders and speakers at the event were; Monk’s Hill Ventures’s associate Tamonwan Chen, Jonathan Chan- Startup Consultant at Vigilant Assets, managing partner at Tribe Accelerator Yi Ming Ng, CEO of Top Market Group- Shriang Gujarati, Coin street Partners’ founder Mr. Samson Lee, Grace Zhai chief analyst at Intrepid Venture, and multiple others.

The pundits of the blockchain field are expected to meet in order to debate on existing developments. The pioneer notions in blockchain technology by the leaders of the industry, the visionaries, investors, cryptocurrency dealers, blockchain designers, and other celebrated persons in South Korean cryptocurrency market is on agenda.

Attendees of GBF based BIF are expected to spectate defining conferences, board debates, paper expositions, exhibitions, hearth chat, interaction sessions, and other activities for the participants.

The event is supposed to bring back investors into the cryptocurrency sphere of the country after the country has suffered severe losses in different areas of the crypto sphere.

Over eighty percent (80%) Bitcoin mining companies hailing out of South Korea were forced to shut down their operations in 2018 alone. South Korean government had also been considering a central bank digital currency (CBDC) but decided to hold the plan after reports revealed that the CBDC may be unhealthy for the current system.

The event may bring back the investor interest in the country to proper blockchain based crypto activity and with Bitcoin rallying week after week, the crypto sphere may start thriving again.