Nestle joins IBM Blockchain collaboration for product data sharing

Nestle and Carrefour are food giants that have been important personalities in the food market for quite some time. Nestle and Carrefour announced in a joint release that both are trying to improve their services by collaborating with IBM.

This collaboration will help the consumer to access product information more easily. The official announcement for the collaboration was made on Monday. The first and foremost priority is that the customer finds the technology easy to use.

For this purpose, in order to obtain information about a product the customer has to scan an imprinted QR code on the package with their phone. This QR code will contain all information regarding the production and expiry dates as well as the location of where the product was produced.

The QR code will provide all in-depth information about the ingredients used to manufacture the product as well. This is the first time Nestle is trying out the blockchain technology.

Nestle’s senior vice president gave a statement saying that Nestle wants to build a relationship based on trust and transparency with its consumer. He also thinks that taking this approach will benefit all the parties involved in the long run.

Right now the whole plan is in its initial stages, and the prototype versions will be tested by using Mousline product.

The testing will help give a clear idea about the effect and scalability of the blockchain technology in the food sector. The testing phase will also give opportunities to improve the prototype versions.

Nestle was one of the first few to join the IBM Food Trust back in 2017. IBM Food Trust has always been interested in the emerging blockchain technology and wanted to integrate it into its own system.

IBM Food Trust got more exposure once Albertsons Companies joined it as well. Albertsons Companies is a leading supermarket company and has a massive range of influence that helped IBM in getting exposure.

Blockchain technology has proved itself to be a revolutionary invention that will make all economic process more efficient and secure. It’s interesting to see where its integration will be taking place next.