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Blockchain is the future: Humankind will swim in it

Blockchain Is The Future scaled

We all know that blockchain is the future. The greatest changes in human history had happened with the greatest technological advancements that changed people’s lives in many ways and blockchain is doing that exactly.

Why blockchain is the future?

These are the technologies that are often called general technologies and that is because of the impact that they have on people’s lives that made them part of their daily lives so they became general. To give you examples, think about electricity or gas or any other technology that you can think of.

Although blockchain is a relatively new technology it is clear that it will change the future and will incorporate itself as a general technology in the coming years.

The revolution of industries happened in many phrases. First, we had steam then electricity and that changed the world after that we had computing technology and now we are going to another industrial revolution.

What the revolution that shapes the future of blockchain will look like

This revolution is based on the growing use case of the blockchain technology in part with other technologies such as AI and cloud computing.

At first, the blockchain technology was created for a single purpose and that was to keep and distribute data. But after time passes all technologies find other use cases.

Because of its unique features, blockchain has been used by the first early adopters to create their token of digital cash that was used for reward systems or their payment methods. This is a big reason why blockchain is the future.

Is blockchain all about banking systems?

Traditional banking notes will be replaced by digital and blockchain-based ones. This is true as currently the bank is trying to copy what facebook did with libra and they are trying to create their cryptocurrencies.

Although the blockchain technology is mostly known from the cryptocurrency world, the user can go even further to create contracts and as called in the Ethereum the smart contracts. It is usable for the internet of things (which is another revolutionary technology) as we have the IOTA crypto.

Blockchain is the future and has powers than just business

Blockchain has many use cases other than being used for business. You can think of public transportation using it for tipping the drivers or being used in medical records, even this technology can be used in government voting and many other places.

If you have ever worked in a blockchain startup then you will know what working there will feel like. You will think of yourself as a technology pioneer. You will think you are Edison and are inventing electricity!

If you are the consumer of this technology then you will feel that you are ahead of others.

Either way, the future will be all about blockchain. Use it or lose it.

Amir Hossein

Amir Hossein

Amir Hossein is a Computer programmer and a Blockchain and Crypto Geek. He writes not only for leisure but with an advocacy to educate as many people as possible about blockchain technology.

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