Blockchain travel app paying 1000 token to explore the world

A new blockchain-based application, Coin App, and the blockchain travel app is paying 1000 token to explore the world has been launched and this app is one of its kind.

This new app has blurred the lined between real and virtual worlds by introducing ‘Geo Mining’, in which tokens are earned by the users by traveling to a location in the real world.

How blockchain travel app Coin App works?

Furthermore, keeping the essence of blockchain alive, the users get to choose the location where they would be traveling. For instance, a business can convert their address into a geo-mining site and can attract people to their position by giving them tokens as a reward.

However, this isn’t the only method for earning tokens; users will have to mine via the app for as long as running during the day.

The most intriguing aspect of this app is its hardware. In case if a user intends to put their coin earning power into overdrive, for that an entire geo-mining kit including a pocket-sized sentinel and hardware bridge is available.

In order to claim 1000 tokens, download the app and learn more about