Bitcoin price may change with increased Bitcoin payments

Over the last few days, the average bitcoin block transactions have seen their highest value and a lot of people are of the view that this improvement in performance is owed to the company, Veriblock. It is estimated that this company is responsible for as much as one-fifth of the overall BTC blockchain transactions.

The rate of BTC transactions is surging, as reported on The greatest transaction during one day was recorded in December of 2017, which surpassed four hundred and twenty thousand dollars as recorded by Bitinfocharts

The current rates of BTC transactions are also close to the peak values observed in 2017. Veriblock, that is reported to have gone live only a few days earlier, accounts for almost nineteen percent of the overall BTC transactions. It raised concerns even during the initial testing stages. Assuming that there was enough demand for it, some predict that Veriblock could even make up for eighty percent of all BTC transactions.

Veriblock is much like Komodo seeing that it allows alternate blockchains to make use of the BTC blockchain hash power for security. However, a smaller number of transactions is required by Komodo to carry out its lagging scheme.

Veriblock defines its working based on proof of proof concept, stating that such mining allows blockchain to make use of proof of work form a blockchain giant such as Bitcoin, resulting in the strengthening of security that PoP provides. They claim that this will promote the rapid dissemination of the alternate blockchains. Veriblock is considered by many as much more than spam. However, it cannot be classified as the kind of spam that everybody would complain about.