Bitcoin price is stabilizing, EOS performing well

The virtual currency market is presenting an unexpected pleasant green shade even a week after Bitcoin prices hike. Considering charts publicized by various media houses, one observes a reliable positivity across the market. Bitcoin prices give an impression of sustaining a gradual and stable increase.

The virtual currency markets have been bearish after the month of November. The Bitcoin has been struggling to revive the market above the four thousand dollars ($4000) mark in December. However, it has gained momentum by breaking the four thousand dollars ($4000) barrier and rocketing above the five thousand dollars ($5000) mark.

Since the previous week, the prices of Bitcoin have been able to preserve over ive thousand dollars ($5000) and has continued to improve sluggishly to five thousand one hundred dollars ($5100) and five thousand two hundred dollars ($5200) respectively.

Bitcoin price is stabilizing, EOS performing well 2

In December 2019, Ethereum prices were mulishly settled to a grave eighty-two dollars ($82.83). However, at present, Ethereum has almost doubled over the previous price and is presently swaggering a figure of over one hundred and eighty dollars ($180.30).

Currently, Ethereum has amplified by 2.3% in day-on-day swapping. Since last week, the leading altcoin has grown from its past price of about one hundred and fifty-five dollars ($155.24). The flight of the coin appears to be inclining gradually but progressively.

Bitcoin price is stabilizing, EOS performing well 3

Presently, EOS price is enjoying a bold flash of fresh green with approximately 7% hike in the day-on-day exchange. EOS altcoin, which resuscitated in the year 2017, dived to a low of $1.56 in last December. At present, the price is winging firmly at a value above $5.80. Currently, EOS is the top achieving cryptocurrency amongst the top ten ranks and shows prices analogous to the ones before the market crash.

If the market retains this bullish trend, one expects to observe prices similar and stable as they were in November.