Bitcoin and Blockchain: the jumbled past of the tech buzzwords

bitcoin and blockchain history

Blockchain was fashioned along with Bitcoin to provide freedom and power to individuals. But, it must be kept in mind that Bitcoin is not blockchain. In fact, it is assembled on blockchain technology.

The term block in blockchain denotes the means of transportation for the transfer of bitcoins. When putting together, it refers to a series of blocks. Initially, the term blockchain was not used frequently, however, Satoshi often denoted Bitcoin in his proof-of-work chain consultations in 2010.

During that time, the remarks did not tell how groundbreaking the coming technology was. The speed of Bitcoin download has increased manifolds.

It’s tough to determine accurately when the term really made sense. However, consumer’s interest in the terms has have leapt because of the indecisive approach showed by specialized groups and personalities to line up with bitcoin due to its bad status due to drug and grey economy involvement.

As said by the experts, the popularization of Bitcoin happened after people started visiting Washington D.C. as the currency started to gaining respect by dissociating from the original procedures.

The majority opined that bitcoin currency should be separated from the blockchain, and an entirely new industry of private blockchains should be evolved. Blockchain became a term, but it also came in trend to label every blockchain other than bitcoin blockchain as the blockchain. However, Bitcoin kept the term the blockchain, crediting its pioneer nature.

Up till now, it is not clear that when the idea began. A few believe that blockchains existed even before Bitcoin, though that term was not used to describe them in the past. According to the founders of Bitcoin, the currency’s white paper has cited the pioneer Blockchain named Surety.

Bitcoin and Blockchain: the jumbled past of the tech buzzwords 1

A renowned online dictionary presents a mature term for blockchain stating that it is a series connecting different links in broad blocks with thin side-links twisted at the ends of the blocks similar to that of a bicycle. But the experienced pundits of the crypto-space find this description knotty. A majority of present-day personal blockchains do not showcase their transfers overtly.

The word becomes prevalent and is rapidly losing sense. Experts refer to a folktale from India to clarify this dissenting metaphor. According to the story, a set of visionless men came across an elephant and started touching it to discover what was it was.

Everyone comes up with another answer dependent on the part of the animal everyone of them touched. The case is similar in case of defining blockchain as some define it as completely silly, while others referring it as a useful technology with a broad scope of work.

Albeit, Bitcoiners consider a blockchain only can be a bitcoin blockchain. However, the meanings are continuously developing.o

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