Changpeng Zhao declines Sun’s invitation to Buffet lunch

As we reported yesterday, the TRON CEO was able to score a lunch meeting with the billionaire Warren Buffet which will be taking place quite soon.

However, Justin Sun did not want to go alone, as he is planning to pitch the idea of blockchain to Buffet, despite his harsh remarks in the past. He was hoping to tag along with six industry leaders and hopefully change the billionaire’s mind.

One of those industry leaders was supposed to be Changpeng Zhao, but unfortunately, he has kindly declined the offer.

Why did Zhao decline?

According to CZ’s tweet, it was too far for him to make this leap and accomodate the man that had humiliated the cryptocurrency community so much due to his previous remarks.

Warren Buffet has indeed been seen calling cryptocurrencies as rat poison and referring to Bitcoin as the worst asset he has ever seen in his life. Zhao clapped back on these remarks saying that Warren Buffet will now be eating lunch purchased by that very same rat poison.

Although the CEO of Binance will not be going, there is still hope for Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin who is yet to answer Sun’s invitation. However, many think that Zhao’s decline is going to cause a domino effect and every other industry leader will also decline.

Why does Sun insist?

According to the CEO of TRON, this lunch is an amazing way to incorporate Warren Buffet in the crypto industry, but Zhao has said that it will be no better than a $50 million successful ICO, which is true in some way.

Even if Buffet becomes interested in the industry due to Sun’s pitch, it is unlikely that he will divert too much of his funds to support it.