BinaryX Launches 404 Token in Its First Initial Game Offering of 2024


  • BinaryX launched its first Initial Game Offering (IGO) of 2024, introducing the 404 token to enhance its Web3 gaming platform.
  • The IGO features exclusive access and rewards for BNX token holders and integrates the 404 token into the upcoming Project Matthew game, highlighting BinaryX’s commitment to innovation in blockchain gaming.



BinaryX, a leading Web3 gaming platform, has officially announced the launch of its first Initial Game Offering (IGO) for the year 2024, introducing the 404 token to the gaming and blockchain community. 

The move marks a significant milestone in the platform’s ongoing efforts to innovate and expand its ecosystem within the rapidly evolving Web3 space.

Exclusive whitelist access for BNX Token holders

In a bid to reward its loyal community and ensure fair access to the IGO, BinaryX has outlined a whitelist process for BNX token holders. Specifically, holders of the AIHero game BNX token, as well as on-chain holders possessing a minimum of 1000 BNX per address, will be automatically included in the whitelist. 

The inclusion is based on a snapshot taken before March, highlighting the platform’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding its steadfast supporters. The allocation for each whitelisted participant will be directly proportional to the amount of BNX held, thereby incentivizing larger holdings with greater access to the 404 token IGO.

Strategic allocation and pricing of 404 Tokens

The total supply of 404 tokens designated for the IGO is set at 40,000. In a move to ensure liquidity and market stability from the onset, 10% of these tokens will be allocated for adding initial liquidity to the market. The remaining 90% will be available for purchase during the IGO at a competitive price of 0.05 BNB per token. The pricing strategy is designed to make the 404 token accessible to a broad audience, fostering widespread participation and engagement within the BinaryX ecosystem.

Following the IGO, the introduction of Project Matthew, a space construction game, will offer an additional layer of utility and excitement for 404 token holders. These holders will have the unique opportunity to exchange their tokens for exclusive blind boxes within the game. The feature not only enhances the value proposition of the 404 token but also integrates it deeply into the gameplay experience, offering players tangible rewards and incentives to engage with the BinaryX platform and its offerings.

BinaryX: Pioneering Innovation in Web3 Gaming

The launch of the 404 token through its first IGO of 2024 underscores BinaryX’s position as a pioneer in the Web3 gaming sector. By seamlessly blending blockchain technology with immersive gaming experiences, BinaryX continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital entertainment landscape. The platform’s strategic focus on rewarding its community, coupled with its innovative approach to game development and token utility, sets a precedent for the future of blockchain gaming.

As BinaryX moves forward with its ambitious plans for the 404 token and beyond, the Web3 gaming platform is poised to captivate and engage a global audience of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. With a clear vision and a robust ecosystem, BinaryX is on a trajectory to redefine the intersection of gaming and blockchain, offering a new realm of possibilities for players and developers.


BinaryX’s introduction of the 404 token signifies a significant leap in integrating blockchain with gaming, showcasing their commitment to innovation and community engagement. The strategic launch promises to enhance the gaming experience through exclusive rewards and access, positioning BinaryX at the forefront of the evolving Web3 gaming landscape. It underscores a bright future for the fusion of gaming and blockchain, opening up new avenues for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.

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