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Ben Simkin

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It remains a natural cause for people to want to become millionaires, however, as much as everybody wants to become a millionaire only a few live to become that rich as others continue to strive to make ends meet.

However, Australian self-made millionaire, Ben Simkin who owns online marketing business, BusinessNET while sharing his success story shared ways people can earn to become millionaires. Simkin who got expelled from school at age 16 for hacking his school’s computer system has helped himself at the tender age and now achieved his goals of owning a $2 million business.

Simkin through rigorous self-learning at age 20 taught himself the science of computer programming and launched his own IT and software firm. He managed to break even at age 24 when he sold his firm for Millions.

20 years later, Simkin began his online marketing business firm called BusinessNET that provides end-to-end marketing and sales services to established companies worldwide. He also started a business leadership program dubbed Mastermind.

Simkin towards helping people achieve their dreams of becoming a millionaire has highlighted patterns of living in this century that keeps people from becoming Millionaires they aim to achieve. With his experience before becoming a millionaire, he explained ways people could maneuver, live in this time and get to become millionaires and own multi-million dollar investment.

Ways of becoming a millionaire according to Ben Simkin

After highlighting several points as to how individuals can live to achieve becoming a millionaire, the steps have been divided into phases as explained by Ben Simkin

Towards becoming a self-made millionaire: Time utilization factor

According to the millionaire, individuals ought to create their own personal intellectual property. This is because jobs now are either remote or onsite and basically offer money for the time spent. However, he advised that individuals should strive to make sure that as they sleep, they are earning through improving intellectual property. He says that time spent working should be diverted to creating an asset that can be upgraded to make profit.

Towards becoming a self-made millionaire: Skill mastering

Using himself as an example, Smikin narrated that when he was building his IT and software firm and other developers focused on Microsoft, he specialized on other technologies where he learnt new skills that were able to make him earn more.

He also hammered on customers’ desire as a path to financial freedom and hunting for information. He recommended a book authored by Jay Abraham “Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got”.

Towards becoming a self-made millionaire: Premium delivery

After managing to get enough customers, Simkin advises that potential business owners deliver services beyond clients’ imagination and advised that they open up to challenges.

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