Base unleashes noncustodial liquidity markets with Aave v3 fork


  • Base launches non-custodial liquidity markets on its layer-2 network.
  • This move is backed by major names like Seashell, RNG Labs, and Loreum Labs, among others.
  • The initiative has birthed the Seamless Protocol, a version of Aave v3.

In an audacious move, Base, the layer-2 network, is stepping into the future by launching non-custodial liquidity markets. This launch signifies a pivotal turn in decentralized finance, bringing with it a blend of innovation and automation.

It offers a new way to use trustless smart contracts, which will enable the seamless connection of liquidity pools with their borrowing counterparts.

The Powerhouses Behind the Revolution

Joining hands for this ground-breaking initiative are big names like Seashell, RNG Labs, and Loreum Labs. Additionally, the venture draws expertise from advisers and collaborators of prominent projects such as Ampleforth and Uniswap.

Their combined brainpower has birthed the Seamless Protocol, an evolutionary version of Aave v3. It’s distinct, permitting smart contracts with preset borrowing strategies to execute undercollateralized borrowing right on the chain.

But what does undercollateralized borrowing mean for an average Joe? Think of it as getting specific-purpose loans – be it for housing, vehicles, or education. In such setups, the liquidity provider has a clear picture of the liquidity’s deployment.

There’s no ambiguity; no room for the borrower to divert it for alternative uses. This clarity and purpose-oriented approach are what the Seamless Protocol offers.

Redefining Borrowing in the Crypto Arena

The concept of undercollateralized borrowing isn’t a freshman on the crypto campus. We’ve seen its glimmers in setups like Maple Finance. But here’s the catch – Maple Finance caters mostly to institutional and qualified investors using undercollateralized products.

And the journey isn’t as smooth as it sounds. Borrowers wade through a blend of off-chain and on-chain processes. They first dance through the hoops of term negotiations with Maple’s personnel before an on-chain loan finally sees daylight.

However, Base, with its new market, aims to simplify this maze. It’s all about streamlining. When borrowers are clear about their liquidity needs, why not just fuse these processes? Seamless Protocol does just that.

It embeds these Borrowing Strategies within on-chain smart contracts. This transparency ensures that liquidity providers have an unhindered view of the funds’ application.

Moreover, the protocol isn’t just confined to specific-purpose loans. There’s room for general-purpose ones, akin to personal loans suitable for diverse situations. Yet, they aren’t free birds. They’re tethered to the typical DeFi lending norms, demanding overcollateralization.

Why Seamless Over Others?

Seamless sees its solution as the jigsaw piece DeFi has been missing. They aren’t buying into the hype of on-chain reputation metrics or identity systems, even if it’s as flashy as WorldCoin’s proof of personhood.

For them, the golden ticket to undercollateralized borrowing lies in the rails of smart contract systems. It’s about going back to the core, embracing the true essence of crypto and DeFi. Trust the code, not the humans, seems to be their motto.

In the end, as the decentralized finance world spins at a breakneck pace, Base’s latest venture with noncustodial liquidity markets is a testament to where the future is headed.

With the backing of some industry heavyweights and the innovation of Seamless Protocol, they’re redefining the rules of the game. Only time will tell if Base will set the standard or if others will rise to challenge their dominance.

But for now, all eyes are on them and their audacious stride into uncharted territories.

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