Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Unraveling the Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation


  • Explore the thrilling Ahmad Ibn Musa investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.
  • Navigate a web of deception and uncover the secrets of the Order.
  • Discover hidden clues, fight guards, and outwit your enemies.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage takes players on a thrilling journey through the mysterious world of medieval Arabia, where intrigue and danger lurk around every corner. In this gripping tale, players find themselves embroiled in the Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation, a quest that leads them deep into the heart of a shadowy conspiracy.

The House of Wisdom: A clue emerges

Upon arriving at the Abbasiyah Assassin’s Bureau, players are briefed by Tabid Al Nubi on the enigmatic disappearance of Ahmad Ibn Musa. This marks the beginning of their quest and the first clue in the investigation. The path forward leads to the House of Wisdom, a place where secrets are hidden and knowledge is guarded.

Investigating Ahmad’s office

To find the House of Wisdom, players must consult the Investigation panel and select the lead, which highlights the House’s location on the map. Once inside, a scene of chaos unfolds, with people panicking over a nearby fire incident. Engage with the elder for valuable insights and trigger the “Book Burner Investigation.” Use Eagle Vision to spot a person surrounded by books and question him about Ahmad Ibn Musa. He will reveal the location of Ahmad’s Workshop, setting the stage for the next phase.

Finding the missing brother

Inside Ahmad’s Workshop, players are treated to a cutscene featuring Nehal. Afterward, explore the workshop, focusing on the art and a pair of books on a table. Eagle Vision proves invaluable in locating Ahmad’s workshop tools and hidden art concealed behind bookshelves. Rearrange books to uncover more art and deepen the investigation.

As the investigation progresses, Hamid Al Haleem, the assistant, enters the scene. A conversation unfolds between Basim and Hamid, initiating an investigation into Ahmad Ibn Musa’s whereabouts. Hamid will direct players to follow him, setting the stage for a startling revelation.

A betrayal unveiled: The assistant’s deception

As players follow Hamid, a shocking twist occurs. Hamid leads them into a trap and instructs guards to eliminate them. The quest takes an unexpected turn, requiring players to defend themselves against the guards. Employ tactics like using smoke bombs to reduce visibility and taking out the guards efficiently. Once the guards are defeated, players can interrogate Ahmad’s assistant to learn more about the situation.

The excavation site’s secrets

The assistant reveals that a masked man is behind his actions and provides a map to an excavation site he guards. This excavation site is hidden within the Wilderness District, southwest of Baghdad. Upon reaching the site, gather information from diggers and use Eagle Vision to identify potential mercenaries guarding the area. Loot chests for valuable items like smoke bombs and throwing knives, which will prove handy in the later stages of the investigation.

Recruiting mercenaries for assistance

If the number of guards at the excavation site feels overwhelming, players have the option to hire mercenaries for support. These mercenaries can be hired with a bribe and will aid in combat, making it easier to confront the guards.

Infiltrating the excavation site

To tackle the guards at the excavation site, players can use ropes to gain the advantage of height. Utilize the assassin’s focus skills to eliminate multiple guards silently. Seek cover behind haystacks and rocks while strategizing your moves. Once the guards are neutralized, approach a large wheel within the site and jump over a tent. Shift a shelf to reveal a hidden chest containing a letter from Doctor Hassan to Ahmad Ibn Musa, hinting at their meeting location.

The doctor’s revelation: Unmasking the order

With the letter in hand, players must now locate Doctor Hassan. Head to The Great Bimaristan and activate Eagle Vision for assistance. A locked door on the right side of the entrance catches the eye. To access it, players must obtain a key from the head nurse, who can be found within the premises of Bimaristan. Pickpocket the key from her discreetly.

Doctor Hassan’s involvement

Unlock the door and enter the doctor’s office. A symbol of the order on the table provides initial proof of the doctor’s involvement. Further investigation reveals a letter on the table, solidifying the evidence. Now, the task is to locate Doctor Hassan himself.

Eavesdropping on secrets

To find Doctor Hassan’s whereabouts, players must eavesdrop on the doctors in the central area of The Great Bimaristan. Use a nearby bench to remain inconspicuous while listening to their conversation. Soon, the doctors will discuss Doctor Hassan’s locked-up laboratory and its inability to treat patients.

Infiltrating Doctor Hassan’s laboratory

Head to the upper level of The Great Bimaristan, using the stairs. Be cautious, as this area is restricted. Maneuver past guards by taking a window on the left, then eliminate any obstacles in your path. Use scaffolding to ascend to the floor above. Study the guards’ movements and seize the opportune moment to reach a platform that grants access to Doctor Hassan’s private laboratory.

The final confrontation

Upon entering the laboratory, jump onto a chandelier via the window. Doctor Hassan awaits below, unsuspecting. Execute an air assassination on Doctor Hassan, bringing him to justice. After the successful assassination, a cutscene featuring Ahmad Ibn Musa unfolds, revealing vital information.

Ahmad and Basim engage in a conversation, unraveling more layers of the intricate plot. With the quest concluded, players exit Bimaristan, ready to face the next challenges in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation is a riveting adventure filled with twists and turns. Players must use their wits, combat skills, and investigative prowess to uncover the truth behind Ahmad’s disappearance and the Order’s infiltration. As the story unfolds, the lines between ally and enemy blur, and the shadows conceal both secrets and danger. Are you ready to step into the world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage and uncover the mysteries that await?

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