Mashable’s Best Games of 2023: Alan Wake 2 Takes the Top Spot


  • Alan Wake 2 crowned as Mashable’s Game of the Year 2023.
  • Flexibility and innovation define the top games of the year.
  • Honorable mentions highlight unique and engaging gaming experiences.

Mashable’s gaming enthusiasts have gathered to unveil their top 10 games of the year, emphasizing factors such as gameplay, Story/Lore, Visuals and Soundtrack, Innovation, and Replayability. Alan Wake 2 emerges as the winner.

Alan wake 2: A human-centric gaming experience

Alan Wake 2 secures the top spot as Mashable’s game of the year for 2023. What sets it apart is its extraordinary human touch. The game’s incorporation of live-action cutscenes and original music from a real Finnish band adds a unique flavor to the experience. The creative director and lead writer are notably present in the game, adding to its distinctive character. While Alan Wake 2 excels in mechanics, offering impactful shooting and clever level design, it truly shines through its captivating story, distinctive humor, and memorable sequences that bring smiles to gamers throughout the year.

Baldur’s gate 3: A flexible cross-cultural hit

In the second place, we find Baldur’s Gate 3, a game that masterfully captures the essence of playing Dungeons and Dragons. The game’s flexibility accommodates a wide range of playstyles, making it appealing to both experienced and casual gamers. Larian Studios has managed to create a sequel that resonates across cultures, making it a significant achievement in the gaming world.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the kingdom: Imaginative and expansive

Taking the third position is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, showcasing the greatness of gaming in 2023. This imaginative sequel offers a novel twist by allowing players to turn mundane objects into working vehicles, expanding the possibilities for problem-solving. With its vast open world and eerie depths, it stands as a worthy successor to its legendary predecessor.

The rest of the top 10

Here are the remaining games that made it to Mashable’s top 10 list for 2023:

Resident evil 4 remake: Capcom delivers a faithful remake that redefines a classic game, staying true to its roots while catering to modern audiences.

Hi-Fi rush: A rhythm-based action game that revitalizes the music of The Black Keys, providing a unique and engaging experience.

Octopath traveler 2: A retro-inspired RPG with charming characters and deeply satisfying turn-based combat.

Dead space (2023): A faithful remake of the 2008 survival horror masterpiece, offering improved gameplay and visuals.

Armored core VI: A mecha combat game that excels in providing a fast-paced and customizable experience, despite its lackluster story.

Super mario Bros. wonder: An enchanting game that combines elements from classic Mario titles, delivering a wacky and creative adventure.

Marvel’s spider-man 2: An open-world adventure that stands out for its commitment to adult gamers, offering a complete experience in a shorter playtime.

Honorable mentions: Two standout titles

While only one game can claim the top spot, there are two honorable mentions that deserve recognition:

Lies of P: This game, reminiscent of Bloodborne, takes the core gameplay and ramps it up to create a deeply engaging and focused experience, a refreshing departure from open-world games lacking depth.

Tchia: This open-world game allows players to explore a Pacific island paradise and showcases a deep respect for the culture it draws inspiration from, offering a unique and memorable gaming experience.

2023 has been a remarkable year for gaming, with a diverse range of titles offering something for everyone. Whether you’re into survival horror, RPGs, action, or open-world exploration, the year has delivered memorable gaming experiences that will be cherished by gamers for years to come.

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