Modern Warfare 3 Beta Plagued by Cheating Issues, Alarming Players


  • Cheating in Modern Warfare 3 beta disrupts the gaming experience.
  • Activision needs to strengthen anti-cheat measures to combat cheaters.
  • The gaming community hopes for a fair and enjoyable release.

In a surprising turn of events, cheating has already reared its ugly head in this year’s Call of Duty offering, the Modern Warfare 3 beta. What’s even more surprising is that it’s not the PC market but PlayStation players who are responsible for introducing malicious activity into the beta. For years, the Call of Duty franchise has struggled with cheaters, and over the past decade, the prevalence of hacks and paid cheats in the series has skyrocketed.

Reports indicate that some PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players have found ways to cheat in the Modern Warfare 3 beta. Videos have surfaced showcasing wallhack and aimbot exploits being used in the beta, which commenced on October 6th. This poses a significant challenge for Activision and its affiliated studios, as the beta plays a crucial role in shaping a positive sentiment for the game’s upcoming release on November 2023.

Addressing the heating threat

There are a couple of possibilities to consider regarding these cheating incidents. It’s possible that Activision didn’t devote enough attention to deploying its RICOCHET cheat engine in the Modern Warfare 3 beta. Alternatively, it could be that malicious individuals are so familiar with how the engine works that Modern Warfare 3 cheats have already infiltrated the market. Neither scenario inspires confidence, and it raises concerns about potential disruptions in the upcoming beta release for PC and Xbox later this week.

The impact on professional players

Initially, it was suggested that the “prime suspects” for the Modern Warfare 3 beta cheats were owners of “jailbroken” PlayStation 4 consoles. For a long time, PC players have been under intense scrutiny, with many attributing the bulk of the hacking problem to them. However, given that PC players don’t even have access to the beta yet, the gaming community finds itself in a state of disbelief, with some players reevaluating their assumptions.

Despite these concerns, it’s important to remember that a beta period serves as a testing ground. It’s an opportunity to identify and address issues before the official game launch. By exposing their cheating tactics in the Modern Warfare 3 beta, cheaters inadvertently provide Activision’s studios with a chance to fortify their defenses against such exploits.

In recent years, Activision has taken a more aggressive stance against cheaters and cheat sellers. Legal actions have been taken worldwide to combat this problem. Modern Warfare 3 is generating significant excitement among gamers, with some even hailing it as one of the best games in years. Professional players have expressed their enjoyment, citing the game’s movement, weapons, maps, and the promising campaign.

The presence of cheaters in the Modern Warfare 3 beta is concerning; it serves as a testbed for addressing these issues before the game’s official release. Activision’s determination to combat cheating is evident, and with the gaming community’s support, Modern Warfare 3 could be a standout title in the Call of Duty series. Gamers and developers alike are hopeful that measures will be taken to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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