Controversy Surrounds Arcadian Atlas Kickstarter Game’s Artwork


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  • Accusations of artwork copying in Arcadian Atlas Kickstarter game stir controversy and deleted forum discussions.
  • Steam Community thread discussing alleged plagiarism erased, awaiting developer response.
  • Gaming industry’s focus on integrity and originality highlights need for addressing plagiarism claims to maintain trust.

Arcadian Atlas, an indie game that successfully raised $95,000 through a Kickstarter campaign, has recently come under scrutiny due to allegations of artwork tracing from the classic Tactics Ogre game. 

A Twitter user’s side-by-side comparison of the two artworks has ignited discussions about potential plagiarism, and the situation has reportedly led to the removal of a related thread on the Steam Community forums.

Allegations of artwork tracing

A Twitter user recently shared a compelling visual comparison between artwork from Tactics Ogre and that of Arcadian Atlas, raising concerns about potential plagiarism in the latter. 

The comparison displayed striking similarities between the two sets of art, with one of the most striking elements being a near-perfect alignment of specific elements at the bottom of the images. While these comparisons have stirred controversy, it’s important to note that allegations of plagiarism have not been substantiated.

According to reports, a discussion thread regarding the alleged tracing of artwork from Tactics Ogre in Arcadian Atlas was present on the Steam Community forums. 

However, it appears that this thread has since been deleted, further fueling speculation and prompting questions about the circumstances surrounding its removal.

As of now, the developers of Arcadian Atlas have not issued an official statement regarding the allegations. It is customary for game developers to respond to such claims by providing insights into their creative process and addressing concerns about potential plagiarism. 

Gamers and backers of the Kickstarter project are eagerly awaiting a response from the Arcadian Atlas development team to shed light on the situation.

Community reaction

The gaming community has been divided in its response to the allegations. Some players are concerned about the possibility of plagiarism and expect transparency from the developers, while others are withholding judgment until further evidence emerges. 

Given the popularity of Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform for indie games, backers are particularly invested in ensuring that their support goes toward original and creative projects.

The gaming industry has a long-standing commitment to upholding standards of originality and creativity. Instances of plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted material have, in the past, led to legal disputes and reputational damage for developers. As such, the industry places a strong emphasis on ensuring that all assets, including artwork, are created in a legitimate and original manner.

The importance of artistic integrity

Artistic integrity is a core value in the gaming world, and any suggestion of artwork tracing or plagiarism can have far-reaching consequences for a developer’s reputation. 

Gamers and backers often expect complete transparency and ethical conduct from the creators of the games they support, further underscoring the significance of addressing these allegations promptly and honestly.

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