Harry Kane Partners with Google AI Tool Bard for Munich Transition


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  • Harry Kane collaborates with Google’s Bard AI to aid family’s Munich transition.
  • AI Bard assists with bedtime stories, language translation, and Munich exploration.
  • Kane’s partnership highlights AI’s role in everyday life, even for football stars.

English football star Harry Kane, who recently made a high-profile move from Tottenham Hotspur to Bayern Munich in August for a staggering £100 million, has teamed up with Google’s AI tool, Bard. The purpose of this collaboration is to assist Kane’s family in settling into their new life in Munich, Germany. Since his transfer, Kane has already achieved remarkable success with Bayern Munich, scoring 22 goals in just 20 appearances for the club.

A lone start in Munich

Upon his arrival in Munich, Harry Kane had been living in the city on his own. This separation from his family was due to the birth of his fourth child, Henry, just a week after his momentous transfer. However, with plans for his family to permanently join him in Germany, Kane has taken the initiative to partner with Google and showcase how Bard can be utilized in everyday situations, both on and off the pitch.

Kane’s thoughts on the collaboration

“I am excited to be teaming up with Google, especially on a product as impressive as Bard,” said Kane. “I recognize how the potential of AI can help me in all sorts of ways with my move to Germany and to get my kids settled into a new life in Munich. Bard even suggested some new goal celebrations – we’ll have to see if I use them on the pitch!”

Bard’s assistance in real-life situations

In a series of short video clips, Harry Kane demonstrated how Google’s AI tool Bard can be a valuable asset in various aspects of his life in Munich. Some of the applications include:

Bedtime stories for the children

Kane enlisted Bard’s help to create bedtime stories for his children, providing an engaging way to explain why they should be excited about their family’s move to Germany.

Exploring Munich’s treasures

He used Bard to plan a treasure hunt through Munich’s most famous sights, adding an element of adventure and excitement for his family as they discover their new surroundings.

Language assistance

Additionally, Kane utilized Bard to translate his most commonly used English phrases in post-match interviews to German, facilitating smoother communication with the local media and fans.

Google UKI’s perspective

Eileen Mannion, a representative from Google UKI, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Harry Kane on our latest campaign, which shows how Google’s conversational AI Bard can help anyone, even England’s football captain, in everyday situations.”

Harry Kane’s partnership with Google’s AI tool Bard underscores the growing importance of AI in various facets of life, including sports and personal transitions. As Kane and his family prepare to embark on this new chapter in Munich, Bard stands ready to assist, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable for the football star and his loved ones. Kane’s eagerness to embrace AI technology sets an example for others, showcasing how it can enhance everyday experiences.

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