Silicon Valley Coin by Andra Capital coming soon

The Andra Capital will soon launch its Silicon Valley Coin. The famous venture capital firm based in San Francisco is highly active when it comes to investments in crypto startups. The Silicon Valley Coin will be offered through the Security Token Offering route. Most importantly, the famed blockchain network, Tezos, will be used to develop the SVC.

The proposed tokens are viewed positively in Silicon Valley. After the SVC announcement, the XTZ prices have jumped around nine percent.

Tezos powered Silicon Valley Coin represents an industry-first collaboration

Andra Capital will not only use Tezos Foundation’s blockchain network, but also the well-known issuance platform by TokenSoft. The Silicon Valley Coin will be used as a funding mechanism to invest in startups that are close to maturity. AC focuses on such mature firms through its various investment arms primarily located in the United States.

Competent investors in the United States will also be able to use the SVC coin to explore further investment opportunities in the U.S. and around the globe. Additionally, the delivery of SVC will also be made available to permitted investors. Sam Raman of Andra Capital says that the upcoming SVC will represent the best elements of both Tezos and TokenSoft.

Silicon Valley Coin will be an investment powerhouse

The USP of TokenSoft is that qualified investors can safely lap up shares in pre-IPO, mature startups. Tezos, on the other hand, delivers a suitable platform that excels in virtual securities and transactions especially silicon Valley Coin offerings. So, the combination will work well for the participating investors.

Tezos President, Alison Mangiero, told that the collaboration is all about bringing the best opportunities to the platform’s investors. The upcoming Silicon Valley coin will be a unique offering in the investment realm in terms of accessibility and global outreach. The Tezos network promises unmatched credibility when it comes to security and transactions in the digital

Featured Image by Pixabay