Tezos foundation free XTZ tokens giveaway

Tezos foundation free XTZ tokens giveaway

A piece of good news for cryptocurrency lovers and giveaway seekers is the recent Tezos XTZ tokens giveaway.

The news came earlier this week, Tezos introduced the “Tezoz Foundation Faucet,” available to everyone possessing a Tezos wallet.

How to get free XTZ tokens giveaway?

In order to receive free XTZ tokens giveaway, the owner must enter their wallet address and finish a Recaptcha puzzle to enter a queue. Once the puzzle is complete, the person will receive up to 0.01 XTZ, having a current value of $0.0148.

At one time, up to 10 Tezos addresses can receive funds at the same time; addresses that have received the tokens will be temporarily blocked from the faucet for 12 hours before they’re added back.

Per the Tezos announcement, the faucet is aimed at developers and intended for examination purposes.

Evident from the meager payout, its improbable for anyone to get rich from this, even the Tezos Foundation strictly stated that no one, not even the developers, should rely on the faucet’s continual availability. It’s also up to Tezos to completely turn off or alter the faucet’s parameters.

Having said that, it’s still a great deal for anyone who wants to try some Tezos XTZ tokens, but maybe not as great as airdrops, where crypto firms simply give out digital currencies to users for free.

In any case, the Tezos faucet website advises caution with the exact words being “Drink Responsibly.”

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