Aragon decentralized court hiring digital jurors

The Aragon decentralized court is now hiring digital jurors as part of the plan to ensure digital security. The firm has developed a localized organization that is governed by the community with the goal of managing as an online court and as a digital authority.

The company has professed that anyone who possesses 10,000 ANJ tokens that are active, can become a juror.

How would digital jurors execute rulings

Jurors that are chosen randomly will be able to solve conflict among two parties. Based on the decision passed by the juror, the winning and losing parties will be rewarded and punished accordingly through a smart contract.

The reason behind providing Bonds?

The court also has a bond structure in place, the person opening a case must provide a bond that will serve as a pledge for the period of the mediation process and will be returned to the applicant if the case ends in the applicant’s favor. Digital jurors would be able to execute the ruling from their home town without the need of a courtroom.

Self-managed Network courtesy of smart contracts

The executive director of the company elaborated that Aragon court is self-managed by smart contracts that can be treated differently by different authorities depending upon the local rules. Hence, legal advice in times of confusion should be taken.

Technology for justice

While Aragon may be the first digital authority in the making, other legal systems around the world have also been practicing with new innovative technology.

Courts in China have been engaging with a variety of new machinery and applied sciences, including blockchain, to solve legal cases. According to local sources, around three million Chinese legal cases from March to October last year have been solved by Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

Featured Image by Valeria Astaburuaga