Amazon partners Legal and General after AT&T, Nestle for blockchain project

Amazon’s blockchain service, oft-labeled as Amazon Managed Blockchain has brought few firms onboard. The firms include Singapore Exchange Ltd., AT&T, Nestlé, etc. in addition in hopes to add Legal and General on its list.

Legal and General (L&G) will employ Amazon’s blockchain service to initiate the world’s chief blockchain managed corporate pension system.

The blockchain based corporate pension system will manage huge stipends for the insurance firm, together with taking over firms well-defined profit or final salary pension plans.

Every industry that archives and pile up data can profit from realizing blockchain technology.

The chief executive of L&G Thomas Olunloyo presented his thoughts stating that blockchain technology is a well-suited option for the durable annuities business as it helps in signing, recording, and preserving data and transaction particulars in a stable and safe way.

However, the deal is signed by L&G to inaugurate the blockchain platform outside the UK and USA. If things went well, L&G might extend the platform to these markets.

Blockchain technology has a long way to go to be applied on a worldwide scale. While there are apprehensions about the public nature of blockchain trades and the scalability concerns hence there are still interrogations about the blockchain’s consistency and cost-effectiveness.

Presently, most blockchains compromise of safety, scalability, and devolution features in order to influence the other two features.

For e.g, Bitcoin’s blockchain is not contrived to be very accessible but to be entirely devolved. On the contrary, EOS waives some of the devolutions in order to achieve extraordinary scalability.

It’s a trial for the blockchain industry to figure a single blockchain that can address all these features.