All you need to know about Opera browser’s new Web3 features

All you need to know about Opera browsers new Web 3 featuresAll you need to know about Opera browsers new Web 3 features

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  • Opera launched its Beta version of the ’ crypto browser project’ in January 20223.
  • Degenknow NFT analytics tool that will help users track NFT projects while gaining insights from the community.
  • Opera browser integrates Near, Elrond, and Fantom blockchains.
  • Opera users can now use human-readable handles like user_name@opera on their crypto wallets.

Opera browser has today announced new Web3 features on its platform. The updates come in response to Opera’s motive to become a global leader in Web3 innovation. The new features capitalize on the recent boom in Non-fungible token (NFT) features within ‘traditional’ markets and the opportunities presented by new blockchains.

Recent boomers include Art Gobblers, which achieved a trading volume of 9,660 ETH worth about $15M at press time since minting on Monday night; according to data from OpenSea and Reddit NFT has generated $2.5 million in daily trade volume.

Opera has been experimenting with blockchain products since 2018, and in January 2022, they released a beta version of the ‘Crypto browser project,’ targeting both crypto-native and crypto-curious users.

Opera browser Degenknow tool

Top of the list is the Degenknow NFT analytics tool that will help users track NFT projects while gaining insights from the community. The device will track both onchain and off-chain metrics of NFTs. 

While lots of trading activity happens on NFT marketplaces, users share product sentiment on social media. The tool pools the information to a shared dashboard that the Opera user can navigate easily.

So let’s explore the features of the Degenknow:

Onchain metrics – these will include data metrics derived from the blockchain. These include recent trades, whale trades, NFT movements, etc.

Off-chain metrics – the tool will track NFT projects on social platforms like Twitter and discord. Opera users can follow official NFT accounts and those of NFT influencers. It will be able to deduce the number of active and inactive followers and activity-like responses and mentions around the clock.

Smart Filter – the function will help users filter out fake/copycat NFTs, airdrops, wash trades, and other related scam.

Smart money- the function will enable users to follow filtered and trustworthy wallets selected for their high-profit performance. The Function will include Smart Traders:  wallets that excel at gaining profit by trading on secondary NFT markets; Smart Minters shows, wallets that are best at making a profit from minting and selling; and Smart Holders, wallets that hold onto NFTs for a more extended period to generate value. Users can deduce the information to guide investment decisions.

With DegenKnows, we are giving them an innovative tool to explore and understand the world of NFTs and perhaps spot the next big project ahead of others.

Susie Batt, crypto ecosystem lead at Opera.

All opera browser users will have free premium access to all the features of Degenknow, while the others will enjoy a free trial that will run till the end of the year 2022.

Elrond, Near, and Fantom blockchain integration

On the sidelines were more blockchain integrations on the Opera browser bringing the total count to 11. These include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB chain, Solana, Near, Elrond, and Fantom blockchains. The increased blockchain integrations will make it easier for users to interact with different decentralized finance (DeFi) and other on-chain ecosystems.

According to Opera’s press release, the Android version of Opera crypto version will support Elrond, with multi-device support to be available before the year ends. Users can also expect full Web 3 support for the Near protocol before the year ends.

Lastly, Opera users can now seamlessly access Web 3 using human-readable handles like user_name@opera on their crypto wallets through the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO)  for free.

Opera is not the only browser to explore the crypto industry; there’s also Brave, another crypto-centric browser that boasts its payments wallet.

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